Enjoy your rejuvenated face without makeup residue.

One of the most important steps for face care is to remove the makeup just before sleep and start the day with a cleaning routine that removes excess dirt that accumulates in the pores. The micellar water It is a very useful product for this purpose, since it has molecules that trap impurities, tone and hydrate the skin. If you want to include this water in your skincare routine, take a look at the following 6 products.

1. Extra hydrating water for sensitive skin

This is one of the most recognized micellar waters worldwide. A product that contains a formula approved by dermatologists which has been created based on fatty acids. It is a liquid for cleaning skin free of parabens and alcohol, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

It will deeply remove the makeup without a trace. It can be applied to the most sensitive parts of the face such as the eyes or neck. Does not leave a greasy feeling and leaves the face with a totally renewed shine.

2. Formula for renew and refresh the face

It is a micellar water created especially for remove the dirt and remove any makeup residue from the face. It has been developed so that it is absorbed quickly no matter what type of skin you have.

If you remove makeup from your face before bed, you will avoid the appearance of blemishes such as pimples or spots on the face. This micellar water will help regenerate cells of the skin and will minimize pores.

3. Wipes package make-up removers

These are packages with wet wipes created with micellar water that remove makeup from the face without the need to rub hard. Each towel is totally paraben free, sulfates and silicone.

Its patented formula will help you quickly remove make-up no matter where you are. It will leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and softness that you will love.

4. Product for the skin super hydrating

It is a product designed to complement your daily face care routine. It has been created with three essential and fragrance-free ceramides that they clean, hydrate and restore the protective barrier of the skin.

This is a product that helps you restore vitality to the face When you feel that your skin begins to look more opaque and with a very dry texture.

5. Micellar water with antioxidants

It is a micellar water that removes all traces of dirt, grease and makeup accumulated in the pores throughout the day. It is a high quality cleaner and comes in a 13.52 ounce package.

It is a dermatologist approved antioxidant rich micellar water that is perfect for any type of skin. It is a very safe product that can even be used to clean contact lenses.

6. Tonic for before and after makeup

It is a tonic that contains a formula that prepares your skin for makeup And it also seals the pores so that it lasts longer. Contains a mix of cactus water, rose water and micellar water.

It is important to care for and protect the face both inside and out, this tonic provides you with a deep cleaning It will eliminate all toxins that can damage the skin.