Keep your garden always perfect without trying too hard.

The smart sprinklers They are used to program the irrigation of your lawn or garden. They alert you if there is some kind of breakdown in the irrigation system, which is essential to save water. The best thing is that some of these irrigation programmers are configured with voice control, so if you install any of these systems you just have to order that you activate the irrigation through your words. This is done through a virtual assistant such as Google Home or Alexa.

The artificial intelligence of these sprinklers it also works automatically according to the climatic conditions and statistics of your locality; This means that the irrigation will not be activated while it is raining or snowing. But also, the frequency of watering will be based on the type of soil, weather conditions, shadows, the plants you have in your garden and of course, your own recommendations.

All these settings can be controlled through a mobile app which is normally compatible with IOS or Android. This allows you to associate the irrigation system in your garden with your Smartphone or tablet so that you can keep up to date even when you are away from home.

So if you want to get any of these smart sprinklers, Below we show you some of the best options that you can install in your garden to keep it always beautiful.

1. Sprinkler with voice control

It is a controller that works with the smart platforms of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which allows you to start, pause, stop and even omit the irrigation areas of your garden. Although it also has a wireless flow meter It detects when there are leaks using Vortex technology.

To use it you just have to download the Rachio application from where you can control your garden care remotely through a smartphone, computer or tablet. You do this using the home system that adapts to your routines and establishes its own watering schedules according to sun exposure and the type of plants found in your garden.

2. Sprinkler smart watering

This sprinkler system works through the Bhyve application that supports web, iOS and Android devices. This allows you to control the settings with personalized options or through the weather forecasts of the town where you live. It also has an intelligent system that allows water savings of up to 50%.

It is a controller that works by means of Weather Sense technology that provides you with an intelligent irrigation system based on soil type, sun position, and shadows. Best of all, you can easily install it outdoors without having to worry about weather damage.

3. Sprinkler with meteorological intelligence

It is a controller that is equipped with meteorological intelligence and with a wireless flow meter that automatically creates irrigation programs. It works through a mobile application that you can install on your smart devices iOS Y Android; as well as it is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit platforms.

You can use it through a mobile application that contains an intelligent climate function that automatically locks when it’s raining, there is freezing or wind, this way your lawn will not be watered unnecessarily. Likewise, you can water your garden from wherever you are, you just have to program the schedules and the estimated use of water.

4. Sprinkler with irrigation cycles

It is an intelligent irrigation system that offers statically based automatic watering recommendations, meteorological data, soil type, plants and sprinklers. All these functions can be managed remotely with Internet access through smart devices iOS and Android.

In addition, its database contains a library with more than 1000 plant species, making it ideal for establishing custom watering schedules according to the needs of each At the same time, it offers a water saving system so that irrigation is blocked according to local restrictions, when the temperature is inadequate and during night hours. This will prevent the lawn from remaining soggy at all hours.

5. Sprinkler with humidity sensors

This intelligent indoor sprinkler incorporates 16 zones that are activated according to real weather data, and it automatically turns off when it rains or the weather conditions are not suitable for watering. These options can be controlled through your Android and Apple smartphone; but also Integrates with Alexa or another home controller.

It is an optimal way to save water, since its function is based on weather forecasts and the accumulation of statistical data that determine and establish the watering schedules that benefit the health of your garden; however these settings are customizable. Likewise, it integrates a soil moisture sensor to determine in which areas it should be watered and for how long, which is a good way to save water and keep your lawn always green.

6. Sprinkler with HD camera

This sprinkler comes with an integrated 720p HD security camera that has a 115 degree field of view and even night vision. This allows you to view and have freedom of command of your irrigation system in real time from your smart devices. Even if can work without internet connection based only on stored weather data, allowing you to get an automatic watering calendar.

This irrigation system allows the water to be released through the sprinklers that launch it at a certain distance, allowing the amount of water used to be controlled and the necessary amount to be channeled so that your garden remains healthy. Furthermore, this intelligent system automatically detects leaks from any valve, tube or wiring and warns you through a notification to the application of your smartph1.