The best models!

Do you want a watch that helps you control your physical activity and stay connected to your cell phone throughout the day? The smartwatch They are used to control your steps, calories burned, control your music, see cell phone notifications and much more. See below 6 featured models in Amazon.


With a 1.3 ”color square LCD screen, this yamay watch It offers a rubber strap that fits perfectly on all wrist sizes, and many outstanding features. It is controlled by its touch screen or its side button, it has an IP68 dust and guide resistance, and its battery can last up to 7 days of use. It includes 14 integrated sports modes, to control your physical activity, and you can also receive smart alerts and notifications on this watch.

For its 28% discount, this is the smartwatch Cheapest in the guide, with a price that does not exceed $ 35 and it is also the best rated, with 4.3 stars in Amazon. Available in 4 color options, customers mention about this watch that it has a modern and versatile design, which fits very well to men’s, women’s or children’s wrists. In addition, they highlight the autonomy of its battery, its great price-quality ratio and that it is a watch that can be used in the pool or shower.

Fitbit Versa 2

Of the renowned brand of sports technology accessories FitbitThis watch has a minimalist design with an AMOLED touch screen and automatically adjusts its brightness to the environment. With this smartwatch you can obtain statistics on your physical activity, sleep hours, control your music, receive smart notifications and use Alexa thanks to its included microphone, all from the comfort of your wrist. The autonomy of its battery can last up to 6 days of use and includes Fitbit Pay, which allows you to pay through the system contactless with your watch.

Although it is the most expensive in the guide, it has a great discount of 35% and its final price is less than $ 150. It is a watch from the renowned Fitbit brand, highly valued by customers in Amazon and with great benefits. This model stands out for its great versatility, due to the number of functions it offers, perfect to use while doing sports and in your daily life. They mention that for its benefits, the price is correct and that it has a low weight and very modern design.

3. Amazfit Beep

In the smartwatch from Amazfit We found a simpler model, with a 1.28 “high touch screen. It highlights the great autonomy of its battery, which can last up to 30 days of use. It includes 4 sports modes, integrated GPS to measure distance and allows you to see notifications from different applications and alerts when you receive calls.

Its about guide best selling watch, with more than 5,200 reviews in Amazon and a price less than $ 70 for your current 15% discount. Available in 4 color options, this watch is highly valued by customers, mentioning that it is a model with a great price-quality ratio, perfect for monitoring your physical activity, your sleep and staying connected with your cell ph


In the umidigi watch We found a 1.3 ”high circular color touch screen with a metal strap that provides a modern style. It includes 7 different sport modes, heart rate reader, allows you to read smart notifications and has 9 options of watches to customize it. This watch is waterproof with an IP67 rating and a battery that can last up to 10 days of use.

You can find this Umidigi watch in two design options, in black or pink, with less than $ 40 and a positive assessment by customers. In Amazon, mention that it is a model with great style and functionality, which has good connectivity bluetooth.

5. Gokoo

East smartwatch from Gokoo It has a similar design to the previous one, with a 1 ”high color screen, which is rectangular within a circular frame. It includes all the classic functions of a smart watch, with which you can see your heart rate, your steps, monitor your sleep and see cell phone notifications. It has a water resistance with an IP67 rating and from its screen you can control the camera to take photos from a distance.

With less than $ 55This Gokoo watch is only available in pink, offering a modern and feminine model. Generally positive comments can be seen on Amazon, where customers mention that it is a model of great quality and design, with a good price.

6. Samsung Galaxy fit

From SamsungThis smartwatch features a 24.1 millimeter high rectangular color touch screen. It has a modern and compact design, which is ideal for people with a more informal style. Automatically monitor any physical activity, your heart rate, count your steps and see notifications from different cell phone applications. In addition, it highlights the ability to respond quickly from the watch with predetermined responses.

This watch stands out for being from the brand Samsung and because it has a current 21% discount, with a final price of less than $ 80 in Amazon. Available in black or white, this smartwatch It is well valued by customers, who mention its long battery life, which lasts up to 7 days of use, its modern and lightweight design. On the other hand, they affirm that it is a smartwatch perfect for swimmers and very functional in relation to its current price.