If you are a lover of the latest trends and styles, you surely know that a maxi dress It is the ideal garment to wear at events or outings with cut semi formal. So if you have a special occasion soon and want to look suitable, feminine and stand out, take a look at the options that we show you below:

1. Floral maxi dress short sleeve

From soft fabric, comfortable and cool for any type of occasion. It is a fully elastic garment, which facilitates movement with each step and the fabric is medium thickness.

Its floral print makes it an ideal long dress for show off in the day or in the afternoon. It can be a good option for any time of the year.

2. Off shoulders of long cut for parties

Made with cotton fabric which is soft to the touch and comfortable at all times. It stands out for being a set of light and totally elastic fabric.

It has a design of bare shoulders offering greater freshness and a stylish appearance. The upper adapts to any style you want to wear depending on the occasion.

3. V neck dress long cut

From delicate design for parties or special events. Made with a high quality fabric with polyester fibers that is very comfortable and resistant to wear.

This maxi dress fits in the area of ​​the waist what stylizes the figure better and offers a more profiled appearance. Can be combined with a slim belt.

4. Short sleeves with bare shoulders

A long cut piece that makes it ideal for outdoor outings at night or during the day. Your design short sleeves below the shoulders gives it a fresher and lighter appearance.

Fabric soft and comfortable touch. Made with high quality cotton fabric that makes it more pleasant for daily use or to wear on a special occasion.

5. Elegant and semi formal

This long-cut dress stands out for its delicate fabric and good quality. It is the right garment to wear at some night event.

His design loose and light makes it more striking when walking. It is available in several colors that adapt to the particular taste of each woman.

6. Fit waist and greek court

Its design is inspired by the classic dresses of ancient Greece. Stands out for being a piece comfortable and sophisticated at once. It adjusts to the waist and enhances the feminine figure.

It can be used for both casual events and more formal outings. Made with soft, breathable fabric, loose and stretchy.