If you do not have a conventional or built-in wardrobe in your house for lack of space, It is very likely that every corner of your house that you appreciate so much has become too small and finding your clothes when dressing in the morning can be a problem. But the important thing is that there are tricks that you can put into practice so that your space multiplies and you can get the most out of it when storing your clothes. This is the case of coat hangers, which you should use above all to hang the clothes you wear most often depending on the season you are in.

Remember that everything can combine and create harmony in your home if you pay attention to the small details. For example, you can store your accessories in boxes or in baskets and organize them at the foot of the coat rack to create a more welcoming environment. The idea is that you put your imagination to work and achieve take advantage of the space Available with these practical solutions that streamline your day to day every time you have to choose what you are going to wear to complement your outfit.

The coat hangers They are pieces that you can place in any space you want such as under the stairs, in the attic, in front of the bed or in a hallway. Without a doubt, the comfortable thing about choosing them is that they create spaces for you and you keep your clothes organized and in sight so that you can easily get them whenever you like.

The important thing is that you not only limit yourself to choosing these coat racks based on their elegance, because the idea is that you choose them according to their functionality and comfort within your home. So below you will find some ideas that can be useful to you and that you will surely know how to appreciate.

1. Coat rack two adjustable bars

It is a coat rack with two adjustable bars It has a portable, light and resistant design that makes it easy to carry. It is a practical piece for you to store your clothes with measurements of 36 by 60 inches that you can adjust in height and width up to 43 to 73 inches.

It is normal that when you have little space in your house you look for alternatives that solve your life and that of your wardrobe. When dealing with clothes you will discover that You can save it in multiple ways: You can fold, hang or stack it, but the idea is that you do it efficiently so you don’t have to worry about not finding your favorite clothes later. For example, you can use the slider bar and this way you will gain space to hang your pants.

2. Double coat rack with expander bars

This double coat rack is built with a metal frame that is sturdy and has a chrome finish that protects it from rust. It features flexible cords that help shorten shelf dimensions and do the job alongside its 50-74 inch vertical and 58-68-inch horizontal adjustments.

It has two rails to hang the garments on top with support capacity up to 250 pounds and two bars at the bottom that work for additional shoe storage. As well as side rails for belts and scarves that are perfect for saving space in your home and keeping clothes organized.

3. Coat rack with H-shaped structure

It is a double chrome shelf that has a unique design with a double H-shaped structure which makes it a much stronger piece. The horizontal bar extends 51 by 75 inches and is 64 inches tall with a support of up to 250 pounds of load.

You can easily transport it thanks to its four omni-directional wheels, two of them with locking brakes. In addition, in an essential piece for you to organize the clothes in your wardrobe based on the use you give it, so that you keep all your things in place. One trick is to take advantage of each free space that remains between the garments so that you hang the scarves, belts or some jewelry.

4. Coat rack with bottom space

It is a coat rack with a design that you can adjust in a height of 41 to 68 inches and a width of 36 to 61 inches so that you can organize your clothes as it is more convenient. It also comes with wheels for easy portability and mounting.

This functional piece has a lower space that you can use for shoes or luggage comfortably. And it is that having an organized house makes the space where you live daily pleasant and bearable, while streamlining housework. But if you want to get more space inside this coat rack, install extendable bars that allow you to hang all the clothes you want without everything turning into chaos.

5. Coat rack stainless steel

Double rod coat rack built with stainless steel pipes and ABS plastic parts. You can adjust it from 44 to 77 inches in height and width by 35 by 65 inches, which is ideal to meet your storage needs.

It is a multifunctional piece with rotating wheels that allows you to get your clothes comfortably. And although not all clothes deserve to be exhibited, but what is certain is that they deserve to be organized; So this coat rack gives you plenty of room to store your coats, clothing, pants, dresses, blouses and more.

6. Coat rack with accessory bar

This coat rack has a sturdy structure built with tubes lined with stainless steel and plastic parts. In addition, it has an adjustable and portable design that goes from 38 to 65 inches in height and from 34 to 59 inches in length, characteristics that in turn are easy to assemble without the need for tools.

This design with its four spinning wheels It is perfect for you to keep your seasonal clothes if you do not have a lot of space in your house. What helps with its double bar accessory which is ideal for you to organize your hats, scarves, belts or bags.