Stylish shoes that give you maximum comfort.

The style that a couple of oxford shoes It is something very characteristic within men’s fashion. Over the years this type of footwear has become synonymous with elegance and class. Over the decades they have remained a trend in the fashionSo much so that they have undergone certain transformations where new details are incorporated that give them more modern and youthful aspects. And since it is a garment that still remains current, here we show you some designs that you must have in your wardrobe for a classic look.

1. Shoe skin in brown

They are a pair of shoes with ornamental patterns very characteristic of the oxford style. The pair is brown in color and is outfitted with a premium faux fur lining with a non-slip latex padded insole for added comfort.

These shoes are the perfect piece to wear a classic oxford style. It provides you with a lot of comfort and softness when walking, in addition to its slip resistant sole provides much more security at every step.

2. Oxford leather with rubber sole

It is a pair of shoes with oxford style made of 100% leather and with a resistant rubber sole. They are dark in color with brown veining and they are equipped with lace and lace designs.

A combination of classic oxford style and more modern looking details. One footwear casual and elegant equipped with a highly resistant and flexible synthetic sole.

3. Classic design for mens

They are black shoes with a structure of leather uppers and a high-strength synthetic sole at the bottom. It also has a padded sock lining for added comfort.

This pair of shoes are made with suede internal soft texture that gives a lot of class and elegance. You can use them on casual occasions with jeans or khaki pants.

4. With nylon and rubber midsole

They are shoes made of synthetic nylon material and a midsoles resistant and soft rubber. It has a sporty-casual look design with the classic style of Oxford shoes.

These shoes are very comfortable, modern and above all very versatile. You can use them to go out with friends, when you are out for a walk and even in semi-formal events.

5. Oxford with rubber outsole

They are shoes with blue lace and resistant rubber soles that are made of 100% leather and their design has the maximum in comfort technology. They are shoes with high quality seams and modern design.

They have a stylish appearance and comfortable with fine finishes High quality that makes them an ideal option to wear with casual clothes. You can use them throughout the day since their cushioned sole absorbs the impact generated by the feet when walking very well.

6. Dress shoes with genuine fur

They are shoes made with genuine black leather and smooth texture which together with its white rubber sole adds a classic and retro style. They leave a very comfortable feeling when walking thanks to their cushioned insole.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes to go out to a disco or nightclub, these are the indicated ones since they are breathable and add a traditional style to any set.