A shoe with style and functionality.

To ride a motorcycle, you need shoes that keep your feet safe and help you drive more comfortably. In this guide, you will see 6 models of resistant boots that will keep you safe while you drive, but they also have a lot of style.

1. Bruno Marc

Made of synthetic leather, the boots of Bruno Marc they have a style vintage, with a rough rubber sole that favors grip on the ground and a padded support inside to guarantee comfort in use. Its heel measures approximately 1 inch tall, creating a curved base. Although they have laces, they have a side closure to put them on more easily.

They are the best-selling boots, priced at $ 30.99 and available in different shades of brown, black and gray. Customers in Amazon They emphasize its style, durability and comfort for riding a motorcycle and also for everyday use.

2. Harley-Davidson

From the renowned motorcycle brand, these Harley-Davidson boots They offer a shoe made of leather, with a classic design with a buckle. The shoe’s design is a bit higher, to protect the rider’s ankle and it has a resistant and non-slip rubber sole from Goodyear. It has a closure on the inside, so they are easy to put on.

With the biggest discount from the guide, these Harley-Davidson boots are priced at $ 112.95 and they are available in brown or black. In addition, they offer wide sizes for men with larger feet or bunions and offer maximum comfort.

3. Polar fox

With a more formal style, these polar fox boots They are made of synthetic leather and have a design with seams in the most common folds of the shoe that make them more resistant. This shoe provides ankle security with a hard structure, which protects your foot when you ride the motorcycle. It has a rubber sole that offers stability, while also being non-slip.

Available in gray, black and brown, Polar Fox boots are priced at $ 49.99 And the brand recommends buying half a point less than your usual size. It is a waterproof shoe that is ideal for riding a motorcycle, wear every day or also take excursions.

4. Polar fox

This model of Polar fox It has a more elegant style, since it is a higher cane boot with double decorative buckle. On the inner side, it has a closure that allows you to put them on easily and they are made of synthetic leather. Its design includes a 3.5 cm high heel that provides better support to the foot, as well as having a padded insole inside.

With a price of $ 39.99these boots Polar fox They are available in brown or black and the brand suggests choosing a half point less than your usual size for a better fit. They are waterproof and their rubber sole guarantees stability and traction on any surface.

5. AdTec

These AdTec boots They will certainly make you stand out, due to their 13-inch high shank design and thick leather construction. They are classic design boots, with a decorative buckle and square toe, which have a side closure to insert the foot. It has a 1.5 inch high heel, which generates a beneficial curve for the foot.

Although it has one of the highest prices on the list, from $ 103.50They are boots of great quality and timeless style. Due to the design and material of their sole, they are non-slip boots even on oil. Being so high, they provide extra leg protection while riding your motorcycle.

6. Harley-Davidson

With a leather design and a white rubber sole, these Harley-Davidson boots They offer style and security. Its design is reinforced by double stitching around the shoe and patches in key areas such as the toe. They have a side closure to fit them more quickly. Its sole, although it is thinner, has a design that makes the boot non-slip and also very light, ideal to wear throughout the day.

Although they are the most expensive boots, with a price of $ 115.21, are the best rated in the guide, with 4.7 stars in Amazon. Customers claim they are very comfortable boots and that it feels like you are wearing tennis. They are available in black or brown, offering light, comfortable and useful footwear for riding a motorcycle.