Style at a very good price!

Are you looking for stylish shoes, very versatile and economical to go to work? Black boots are a complement that does not fail to combine with any look and that will help you keep your feet warm in this winter season. Next, we show you 6 models for less than $ 50 that you can get at Amazon.

1. Dream Pairs

Of high cane and made of synthetic leather, these Dream Pairs boots have a 3-inch high heel and a 0.75-inch-high non-slip rubber base. It has two side closures: one decorative and the other to open the boot and put them on more easily. This model is available in 18 different colors, with closures or lateral elastics.

They are top rated boots in the guide, with 4.6 stars and a price below $ 35. In Amazon, the clients affirm that they are very versatile boots and with a great style, ideal to wear every day or go to work. They also mention that they are very comfortable, despite having a heel, and are perfect for walking throughout the day.

2. Soda

With a low design and cut on the sidesThese Soda boots are made of synthetic suede and have a 1.5 ”heel with a 0.25” high platform. They are low boots that reach the ankle and due to their cut design can be used without stockings or with patterned stockings to add detail to your look. They have a closure on the inner side to put them on.

They are the cheapest boots in the guide, priced at $ 20 and it’s also the best-selling model. In Amazon, the clients affirm that they are a very stylish and comfortable model, although they are not indicated for very cold climates due to their cut design. They recommend ordering half a size more than usual, since the fit is a bit tight. In addition, they mention that they are ideal for the change of season and to use every day.

3. Soda

These Soda boots have a more elegant design, which combines synthetic suede and straps with buckles on the back. They’re low cut, reaching to the ankle with a 1.5 ”high heel.

They have a price less than $ 32 and they are available in a large number of different colors and designs. Clients in Amazon This model stands out for its great style and low price, being a model with a good price-quality ratio. They recommend that if you use them with thick stockings, ask for one size more than usual.

4. Athlefit

If you are looking for a more casual style, these athlefit tennis boots They’re ideal. Made of synthetic leather and with a 1 ”high rubber base, these boots simulate tennis, but also they have an internal 1.8 ”heel that stylizes you. On the inside, they have a closure to put them on and on the top, an elastic to fit your foot perfectly.

Available in 13 different designs and a price less than $ 40These Athlefit boots have a casual style, which can be used to go to work or wear during your daily life. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are a low-weight and very comfortable shoe in relation to its economic price. They also highlight its original style and its comfort to wear throughout the day.

5. Clarks

In these Clarks boots you can also find a more informal style, with a 0.5 ”high rubber base and a small 1.35 ”high built-in heel. They are made of synthetic leather and have a wrinkle design to give it an interesting detail. They have a velcro to put them on very easily. Inside, it has the brand’s multi-layer insole offering comfort at a low weight.

For his Great current discount of 58%These Clarks boots are priced at $ 50 offering durability and comfort. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are very comfortable boots from the first use, and very easy to put on. In addition, they affirm that they are ideal boots for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

6. Rampage

The Rampage boots have a more classic design, synthetic leather and a 1.5 “high heel. On the sides, it has closures to put them on more easily. They have a rubber base that makes them more comfortable to use, a wide fit and are available in medium sizes.

With a price less than $ 30, the Rampage boots are available in a huge variety of colors in addition to black. Clients in Amazon They mention that they are very comfortable boots, ideal for wide feet due to their fit. They claim that they are very good boots to wear every day, both for work, going out or special occasions.