You no longer have to strain to remember important things.

The lost of memory It can be a puzzling symptom for every It is usually evident when you do not remember where you left the keys, when you forget an address or when you do not remember for sure the important task you had to do during the day.

The brain It is the most complex organ that the body has, as well as the most vulnerable when it is exposed to nutritional deficiencies. When some are missing vitamins It may affect its proper functioning over the years, but in the short term your memory may present symptoms such as tiredness, apathy and difficulty concentrating and retaining information.

That is why in the market there are various options of supplements formulated to improve the brain health. These normally contain vitamins B, magnesium, folic acid and omega-3, essential ingredients to synthesize dopamine and control the flow of information that comes from different areas of the brain. The idea is to keep these functions controlled so that they do not cause alterations in your attention span and memory.

And so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of the constant problems of memoryBelow are six supplements for under $ 40 that will help you combat them and improve your overall health.

1. Supplement with proteins for memory

It is a brain support supplement that is especially formulated with protein, which provide oxygenation and support the correct function of memory and cognition. And it is that the support of the brain’s nutrient network allows signals to be captured faster and you can improve your learning.

The brain needs a selection of nutrients to optimize the transmission of neural signals, that is why the intake of this supplement can increase memory and regulate neural communication to fix the memories. Although it also works to decrease the aging of the brain, increase synaptic transmissions and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

2. Supplement for memory with complex B

This supplement has a combination of B complex, magnesium and selenium, which are essential ingredients for the brain to function properly, increasing reasoning and concentration. At the same time, it fights mental and physical fatigue, which helps increase your ability to store information and remember it in the long term.

It is an option for students who are under pressure from exams, professionals who want to keep up with their work and even the elderly, since improves blood circulation to oxygenate the brain and fight free radicals. But it doesn’t stop there, it also improves cognitive functioning regardless of whether you are under stress or exhaustion.

3. Supplement for memory with amino acids

It is a formula with a selection of herbs and amino acids They work to increase creativity, attention, clarity and speed of memory. But in addition, it is a supplement that improves performance with the help of nootropics, this increases mental clarity, improves blood pressure and accelerates blood flow.

They are capsules that affect the neuronal membrane and offer you a normal functioning of both the nervous system and psychological function, which results in a efficient increase in your learning ability, focus and improvements in your short-term memory.

4. Supplement for memory with vitamin B12

It is a supplement that contains ingredients such as vitamin B12, herbal extracts and mineralsNutrients that work as a kind of brain fuel to keep your brain alert and avoid blurring your mind both day and night.

This formula also provides you with essential antioxidants so that the neural processes work optimally, in this way your brain will be protected from the damage that free radicals can cause. In addition, thanks to its proteins it promotes blood circulation and cognitive function and vision are improved.

5. Supplement for memory with Reishi mushroom

It is a brain supplement with a natural formula based on Reishi mushroom extracts, a natural ingredient that regulates immune function and reduces anxiety. It also promotes heart health, increases performance, provides more energy and even reduces the aging process.

It is a safe alternative that supports the nervous system, while increases immunity and oxygenation. These features give you brain boost and support cognitive function so you get a feeling of optimal mental clarity at any time. Another of its benefits is the increase in natural energy that will help you achieve resistance during aerobic activity.

6. Supplement for memory with wild fruits

It is a supplement for memory and focus that has a formula composed with extracts of grape, wild blueberry and organic coffeeThese fruits provide essential nutrients for clear vision, better memory and sharp focus. It is a brain enhancer that works for both men and women.

This supplement contains essential antioxidants that work to obtain the correct functioning of the cell membranes and improves the work of the neurotransmitter. All of these features help achieve normal brain function, improve memory capacity, and increase energy, so that avoid lack of concentration, fatigue and tiredness.