There are many people who prefer to go out with friends for fun rather than spend the whole day in House. However, there are good days for you to give yourself some time to let your body and mind break from the routine and disconnect from everyday stress. It is for this reason that we choose a list of 6 essential things so you can recharge your energies and feel relaxed in your home.

1. Slippers plush

They are slippers made with plush and thick memory foam that provides comfort in the support of the feet. To this is added a slip resistant sole with a textured bottom that ensures it adheres to the ground.

Has a sneaker design lined entirely with faux fur that fits comfortably on foot. Plus, they come in 3 different sizes including medium, large, and extra large.

2. Silk mask for sleeping

It is a sleeping mask made with material of thin silk It blocks light and is soft on skin. It also includes an adjustable strap that does not generate discomfort in the ears.

It is an ideal option to make your eyes relax without being exposed to the rays of light that prevent completing the sleep cycle. If you prefer you can use it to take a nap while on a road or plane trip.

3. Pillow gel with Premium fabric

It is a gel pillow filled with hypoallergenic cotton and lined with a cover that is made with rayon and polyester, fabrics that guarantee greater breathability and softness. You can choose between Queen or King size.

This pillow is designed to provide rest in the neck, relax the muscles of the back and promote blood circulation so that you sleep soundly.

4. Blanket extra big for the cold

It is an extra large blanket made of polyester material soft and cozy with alternative filling for added warmth. Its design features a classic checkered pattern on one side and comes in a single light shade on the other.

It is a perfect piece for you to curl up on the sofa during the coldest times of the year while reading a book. And if you prefer, you can use it as ornament Complementary for the end of the bed.

5. Pajama set with fleece

It is a set of pajamas made with polyester from micro wool, which is a soft, cozy and light fabric. Its design also includes a fleece lining that guarantees greater comfort regardless of the weather.

It is a 2-piece set that includes pants full length with drawstring waist and a solid pullover with long sleeves and round neck. It is a pajamas that you can wear comfortably throughout the night or to spend the day relaxed at home.

6. Reading pillow with foam memory foam

It is a reading pillow filled with memory foam that easily adapts to the body with a soft velvet cover in contact with the skin. It has a median height and you can choose it in 12 colors different.

This pillow will give you lumbar support to keep you from slouching while watching TV, reading or using the laptop in bed. In addition, it has a carry handle and a back pocket for you to store books and magazines.