Our children can become victims of bullying on the Internet, the numbers do not lie: According to a survey carried out by Google, 81% of students feel that it is easier to do cyberbullying without suffering consequences.

Cyberbullying or cyberbullying In English, it is a type of harassment on the Internet, in which a person is the victim of threats, harassment, humiliation and / or the disclosure of confidential or false information, through digital means, in a sustained manner over time. As parents, we must show our support and offer respect, trust and security to our children to help them STOP cyberbullying. It is alarming to know that 7 out of 10 parents do not feel able to teach their children how to surf the Internet safely.

That is why we rely on the program Be Great on the Internet of Google; which has a portal Be Internet Awesome in SPANISH that helps us teach our children the concepts and tools they need to stay safer on the Internet. When it comes to cyberbullying, the first thing we should do is talk clearly about this topic, and share with our children the following tips that will help them stop cyberbullying:

1. Do not reply to the bully:

It is very important not to enter the stalker’s game. Therefore, we must advise our children not to respond to bully.

2. Save the message as a test:

It is important to have stored evidence of digital bullying. Taking screenshots and printing messages is very important. Other devices that they can use to have evidence are these spy cameras:

The perfect tool for detectives, journalists or anyone who wants to record a sudden accident, a conversation or any other important situation. This product is a wrist camera with lens and watch coverage function. makes the camera more imperceptible. Available in Amazon under $ 60.

  • Pen with hidden camera:

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East spy clock It offers you high-resolution video recording and sharp, clear photo capture. It has a 16 GB memory that stores more than 5 hours of video recording. It is so discreet that it does not turn on any light when recording and it is very easy to use; you just press the button and record all the action. Then to watch the videos, you just have to connect it with the USB port to your computer.

3. Block or report the bully:

Within social networks like Instagram and Facebook, you can block and also report the bully’s profile.

4. Ask for help !:

We must constantly remind our children that, in case of problems, they will find help from us, or from another trusted adult (teachers, tutors, etc.). You don’t have to face cyberbullying alone!

According Be Great on the InternetIt is important that our children feel confident to tell us when they are in uncomfortable situations or if they are bullied online. This is the pillar BRAVE, which invites our children to talk with us parents, overcoming shame or fear.

5. Become advocates! Not in witnesses or accomplices:

If our children witness a case of Cyber-Bullying, let’s reinforce the importance of defending the person who is being harassed through messages of empathy to this person and helping to block or report the bully.

6. Being KIND is COOL !:

We must teach our children that kindness is the best way to stop cyberbulling. “Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves” and always emphasize that behind a screen there is a person with feelings.

As parents we must consciously cultivate a safe and loving environment at home. In this way, our children will feel that the home is a place to take refuge physically and emotionally. This is how we will be able to keep the communication channels open and we will be able to guide and help them in case they are victims of cyberbullying.

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