The clocks water resistant They are modern and innovative accessories that are made of highly resistant materials that provide greater protection against liquids. But in addition, these types of accessories are available in a wide variety of designs that fit different occasions and styles. Thinking about it, here are five clocks They are available at a fairly affordable price.

1. Sport watch for gentlemen

It is a multifunction digital watch that is equipped with an LED display and a refined design of sports dial. The accessory has large numbers that make it easy to read and is capable of resisting up to 50 meters deep.

With this watch you can swim or taking a shower without the water adversely affecting its operation. The design includes a highly resistant waterproof membrane that also allows it to withstand light shocks and even scratches.

2. Smartwatch sporty style

It is an inexpensive smart watch that includes a physical activity monitor and a heart rate meter. The ultra-thin, superior-quality display allows all data to be exposed clearly and easily to read. The device also includes features like reminders, answer calls and receive messages.

With this monitor you can monitor your heart rate in real time and hours of sleep that will keep you updated on your current state of health. The device also has features like silent alarm clock and GPS system.

3. Casio diving for men

A Casio watch from classic style and casual that is made of high quality plastic. Its design includes a click-free rotating bezel, fluorescent hands, and day and date indicators. Its solid casing allows it to perform well even at a depth of up to 330 feet.

It is a beautiful accessory that you can perfectly combine with your sportswear favorites. You can bathe, take it to the beach or enjoy a day of relaxation in the pool with the full assurance that the water will not affect its mechanism.

4. Clock bracelet with high quality acrylic

An accessory with a TPU band and a acrylic mirror Superior quality that allows it to resist immersion of up to 50 meters underwater. An attractive black watch with a sophisticated design.

A tool with advanced technology that will be of great help to you at night thanks to its high-quality backlit LED screen. Its design allows a visualization accurate and comfortable in real time.

5. Monitor frequency high perfomance

It is a smart and cheap watch that has a heart rate monitor and a USB powered to charge your battery. You can sync to your phone to receive calls and message notifications.

This accessory for the doll has a modern and minimalist style that can be combined with any garment. It allows you to track all your physical activity and receive notifications from SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social networks.

6. Sports accessory with digital screen

It is a casual and moisture resistant style watch that can withstand a dive of up to 50 meters underwater. Have a sporty design characterized by its resistant resin casing and its backlit LED display.

With this watch you will have an experience exceptional thanks to its lightweight design and high-quality materials that allow it to withstand the most demanding conditions. A durable, flexible and comfortable piece with which you can practice any sports activity.