Bath It can be a fun time for children, but also frustration. Not everyone enjoys contact with water, and a moment that should be relaxing and fun can be a real hassle. To help your children to feel calmer and more comfortable bath time, here we recommend the best water toys Ideal for the shower and bathtub, and that will allow you to share a pleasant and relaxing moment with the little ones in the house.

1. Set of 11 bath toys

This package brings 11 pieces of toys swimsuit that includes fishing rod, spoons, fish and other fun figures in various colors. Its colors are bright and attract attention.

Fostering the best relationships between Fathers and sons, These toys of various designs will create more bonds and will make bath time very fun.

2. Bath toys water launchers

This set of toys with varied figures of marine characters float in the water. They have been designed to improve children’s coordination by stimulating the imagination.

This combo includes figures such as crocodile, crab, shark, duck, fish, octopus, penguin, dolphin, starfish and turtle; perfect for babies hands.

3. Floating spheres aquatic

These spheres They have fun figures inside with characters recognized in many colors. These toys spin and rattle, stimulating your baby’s senses of sight, hearing and touch.

Floating in the water like bubbles in the airThese toys are ideal to make children have a great time at bath time.

4. Fishing game for the bathroom

This pendant designed for children’s play comes with a Rod Magnetic and three characters that swing underwater. They float in the water and do not accumulate mold.

These toys are suitable for 24 month olds onwards and its cleaning is easy with warm water and then air dry.

5. Rubber toys Finding Nemo

These toys interactive of the characters in the movie Finding Nemo are visually appealing to young children. This set includes three toys: Nemo, Dory and Tortuga.

Suitable for children from 6 to 18 months old, they will make their fun baths and enjoyable with these easy-grip toys.

6. Bath toys of sources and pipes

This set of bath toys for children has been designed like a waterfall with rotating eyes, pipe outlet, rotating gear that fills with water and flows. This toy helps in the development of mental skills and coordination of babies.

Very colorful and fun, this toy throws water everywhere giving your children more fun contact with water. It has been designed with non-toxic materials that do not harbor bacteria, so they will be safe for your baby.

7. Interactive floating toy octopus

This beautiful colorful toy has been designed as a floating octopus with three rings to pull the tentacles. With him, the children will develop coordination eyes and hands while giving fun.

This toy is recommended for children 18 months From now on, they will give your children lots of fun during bath time.