Improve your silhouette in seconds with one of these accessories.

Fashion experts recommend that to see you more thin You should wear clothes that match your size, and that vertical stripes and black clothes are your best allies. However, there are accessories such as belts, which can take center stage in styling, since they are versatile and have infinite advantages by emphasizing the waist, giving structure and shaping the silhouette, as well as the 7 options that we recommend below.

1. Werforu: Set of 4 vintage belts

Set of four belts with elastic strap and interlocking metal buckle vintage style. They come in 2 sizes and 7 colors with different combinations for you to choose the ones you like the most.

It is a functional accessory that you can wear with maxi skirts or maxi dresses and it will guarantee an impact silhouette so that you can create a trend. Especially if you are a woman with thin hips, since Provides a less bulky appearance.

2. Vochic: Belt with gold buckle

It’s a thick belt made with synthetic leather and with a 2.7-inch-wide gold metal buckle and elasticity that comfortably fits the waist. You can get it in black, beige, red and brown.

It is an accessory that you can combine with a plain one-piece dress, sweater, cardigan or oversized shirt to stylize your figure and get a casual or formal look depending on the occasion.

3. Moyoto: Leather belt

It is a belt designed with leather and metal buckleIt has a width of 1 inch and a length of 41 inches, which allows a better fit according to the size of your waist. It is available in brown and black tones.

You can use it with shorts or long pants, and if you are looking for a chic look and achieve an image plus carefree, a high waist goes well with this accessory, just look at the one that best suits each outfit and moment.

4. Chuangdi: Set of elastic belts

Set of elasticated braided belts that are approximately 26 inches long and 3 inches wide. Package includes 4 pieces in different colors for every occasion.

In addition, it is an accessory that you can use on dresses, blouses, coats or blazers, the options are endless, you just have to know how to combine them to make yourself look a slimmer figure and that your look provides a sexier air.

5. Jasgood: Set of retro style belts

Pack of two belts made of elastic and polyurethane leather matching a thick vintage buckle. They come in different sizes and in a color combination of black / blue or black / red.

The idea is that you remove the layers that do not shape your figure. For this you can look more daring by wearing the belt over your coat or jacket, in this way you will achieve mark your waist and you will give personality to your outfit.

6. Syuer: Interlocking buckle belt

Belt made with an elastic fabric 6 centimeters wide and with an interlocking buckle comfortable to wear. It comes in 3 different sizes for each waist.

It is a good option if you are a plump woman, since you can hide the extra kilos using the belt above the waist to mark your silhouette and subtract prominence to the belly.

7. Jaopidai: Slim belts set

Set of belts with exclusive elastic straps matching with rust resistant plated buckles. Each each of these pieces with delicate design, have a thickness of 0.4 inches.

Slim belts are the perfect ally for any woman, but especially if you have wide hips, as it is an accessory that allows to hide them and show a lower volume appearance.