Let Buddha fill your house with good energy and blessings.

The figures or sculptures of Buddha They are widely used both in the East and in the West, since they motivate us mentally to have good and wise thoughts. And since the Buddha was a great practitioner of meditation and balance of mind and body, having figures of him in our home allows us to purify the energiesbalance the chakras and fill us with harmony and prosperity. Take a look at these buddha figures and turn your home into your own temple.

1. Golden statue of Meditating buddha

Made of resin and painted in gold, the Buddha statue has a size of 6.69 ″ * 3.94 ″ * 9.84 ″. The resin is corrosion resistant, moisture proof, and stainless.

Good luck will attract you, prosperity and wealth. His position “Bhumisparsha” where his right hand rests on his knee symbolize touching the earth, and in short represents the Buddha under the Bodhi tree in one of his moments of enlightenment.

2. Buddha statue in zen garden

An elegant wooden tray that includes 5 pieces: a statue of the Buddha, a container of incense, a candlestick, decorative stones and sand. Its dimensions are 5 ″ x 5 ″ x 3.25 ″.

The Buddha in the position “Bhumisparsha” will attract good luck to you and positive energies. Its accessories will allow you to enhance its effects, and you will also have a delicious oriental aroma in your home or office.

3. Buddha figure stone-like

The Buddha statue has been made of polyresin and finished with paint to give it an antique stone look. It is resistant to UV rays. It measures 20 ″ x 15 ″ x 26 ″ and weighs 19 lbs.

You attract with her the good luck, wealth and peace. Her “Dhyana Mudra” position with her arms resting on her lap symbolizes wisdom.

Lotus flower candle holders with buddha head

Made of resinThe Buddha head and handmade lotus flower candle holders come with decorative stones and wooden display tray. Its dimensions are 10.75 ″ x 6 ″ x 3.75 ″.

The lotus flower symbolizes the purity of the body and of the soul, while Buddha represents enlightenment, wisdom, good luck, peace and wealth. Place it in a strategic place so that the effects are enhanced.

5. Water bill with figure of buddha

Sculpted in polyresin To resemble old world carved stone, the Buddha Fountain brings with it a silent Whisper hidden pump, power cord, and instructions included.

Water according to feng shui is synonymous with life. Used to get prosperity, wealth and abundance, as well as to harmonize and balance spaces.

6. Buddha Fountain with LED light

The Buddha statue has been crafted in synthetic stone and features a brown finish. It measures 10 ″ tall x 8 wide and 8 ″ deep and weighs 3 lbs. It comes with a pump, power cord, built-in LED light, and natural stones.

With it you attract enlightenment, wisdom, good luck, peace and wealth. The water for its part, will allow you to harmonize and balance the spaces. Its ‘vitarka’ mudra position symbolizes the teaching phase in the life of the Buddha and the circle represents an infinite flow of energy.

7. Buddha figure chandelier

Made of stone, the praying Buddha statue holds a tea light candle. It measures 6 x 8 inches.

The figure of Buddha praying will attract for you the illumination, the wisdom, good luck, peace and wealth; fire for its part, according to feng shui symbolizes passion and vital energy.