So you never run out of battery on the go.

The phones Mobile phones have become essential while driving, as they provide us with GPS service, play our favorite music and keep us connected through hands-free communication. So it’s time for you to have a charger so that your electronic are available while you are on the road. And since we know that there is a wide variety of options, we present you a list with the best 7 models that you can connect in your car.

1. Maxboost: Charger with two USB ports

This car charger features a 12-18V input that shares two smart ports to quickly identify devices and provide load optimal. It is designed with an internal layer made of polycarbonate and with a flexible exterior for a better grip.

It is a device that is equipped against short circuits, overload and overheating. In addition, it has the option to pause when the battery reaches its maximum value.

2. Bralon: Charger with 3 USB ports

This charger has three 2.4 amp USB ports with 12V to 24V inputs so you can charge your equipment simultaneously to one maximum speed. The package includes two chargers with the same characteristics.

It is a practical accessory that will automatically end the charging process once the battery is full, and that you can use in smartphones, tablets, video game controllers and even sports watches.

3. Doca: Type-C port charger

Charger with a Type-C input and dual USB port that is compatible with iMac / iMac Pro and Macbook. It has a very well done design, elegant and minimalist It includes a blue LED light indicator to know the charge status.

Its technology automatically detects currents to provide a load optimal and high speed on each device, so it is an option that you can consider to take with you while you are in your car.

4. Yzyway: Wireless charger

It is a wireless charger that offers a fast charge of 7.5W for iPhone and 10W for Samsung. Its design has a padded support for vehicle ventilation, and a micro USB cable.

It has easy to remove and fasten side clamps, which can be adjusted to your favorite viewing angle, all this guaranteeing a safe driving while on the road.

5. LIHAN: Charger with Bluetooth transmitter

This hands-free charger for cars has a Bluetooth transmitter, fast charging receiver, built-in microphone and stereo adapter for Mp3. It comes with a dual USB port compatible with all smart devices.

Thanks to its CVC noise cancellation, offers clear sound for calls and music. Similarly, it has universal compatibility that adapts to Samsung, iPhone, iPad and other devices like MP4 Player.

6. AmazonBasics: Charger with 4 USB ports

AmazonBasics presents a car charger with 4 USB ports, which you can adapt to Apple and Android devices. It has technology fast charge up to 2.4 per entry.

Simply by plugging it into the car’s DC adapter you can charge multiple devices at the same time. But it also has a built-in security system to protect your equipment from overloads.

7. IXCC: Charger with 5 USB ports

It is a charger designed with 5 ports that provide a fast charge rate of up to 2.4 amps on each input. It has Safety First technology with a security chip to prevent overloads.

It also stands out for its ergonomic design that is perfect for charge different devices at once, so that road trips will always be safer, since the browser and the phone will be available at all times.