A special soap to renew your skin naturally.

The soaps made from Coal they can provide many benefits to your skin delaying premature aging or removing spots and pimples. In addition, it serves to eliminate toxins that are generated due to fat and dirt from the environment that end up damaging the dermis. Therefore, here we give you 7 options charcoal soaps so you can choose the most appropriate for you.

1. Latika Body: Bamboo charcoal soap


This product is 100% organic handmade and made from bamboo pieces that will deeply cleanse your skin by detoxifying each pore. It is chemical free harmful to health and comes in a practical box to carry wherever you want.

Soap is suitable for use in all skin types, and it is recommended to use it every day to leave it soft and with a natural aroma of bamboo essential oils.

2. Coal Soap Vegan

Handmade soap from charcoal It weighs 4 ounces and comes with 3 bars attached in one package.

East vegan beauty product It is special to pamper your skin since it does not have silicones, fragrances, parabens or dyes that affect the PH. It is also ideal for oily skin.

3. Destiny Boutique: Detox Facial Soap

Weighing 6 grams, this special edition is suitable for the face and its various skins. It comes in a double presentation and belongs to the Destiny Boutique beauty house.

Made entirely by hand, this soap will remove dead cells from your skin and all impurities caused by contamination.

4. Bamboo Soap by Joanna Vargas

Soap controls fat in the dermis, removes spots and blackheads. It comes in a presentation of 100grs and in a practical and delicate box.

It will give you deep cleaning that will drain impurities reducing any trace of acne, leaving you healthy skin for everyone to see.

5. Carbon soap a oatmeal base

The natural product is made from colloidal oatmeal and essential oils in packages of 3 bars 15 ounces each.

This soap also acts as a moisturizer on your skin, reduces inflammation and cFight free radicals, deeply protecting the dermis.

6. Bar of Soap with bergamot oil

With bergamot oil it is appropriate for hydrate and reduce excess fat on the skin. Comes in an 8-ounce, 3-unit bar presentation.

From Sunaroma, you can use the soap on any part of your skin which will remain smooth and fresh after pampering her with this piece of natural beauty.

7. Soap with peppermint

The natural vegan bar soap has organic and activated oils with mint and pepper that will keep germs and odors away from the skin. It is handmade with mint and tea tree essential oils with activated charcoal.

With this product you can have a fresh and rejuvenated skin. It is ideal for athletes and people who play sports constantly.