Wear the wasp waist you’ve always dreamed of.

In the market there are endless girdles that have different objectives, but one of the most popular is the corset girdle, which supports you, shapes your body, helps you to promote fat burning and waist-reducing exercises, and improve your posture. So if you want to wear a wasp waist and have an impact figure, take a look at these models and choose your favorite:

1. LadySlim: invisible corset girdle under clothing

Made of 100% natural latex. The girdle is durable and high quality. The corset will not roll up as you sit or move. Its 3 rows of hooks allow you to adjust the size when you need more pressure.

Will shrink up to three inches from your waist instantly, it produces a sauna effect and will also correct your posture. On the other hand, it will be invisible under your clothes. You can use it during your workouts.

2. SHAPERX: corset girdle that lifts the bust

This high waist corset type sash and made in latexIt adjusts easily from low to high due to the elastic band to increase compression. Ideal for postpartum. Available in other colors.

It is ideal for training, mold, correct posture, lift the bust and lose those extra pounds that bother you so much. It is also flexible and durable, as smooth as plastic bones.

3. LODAY: corset girdle to correct posture

Made in stretch fabric, comfortable and light that moves with your body while doing any activity. It has a double layer of high compression and retains everything, in addition its spiral steel prevents it from moving up or down when you move or sit. Available in other colors.

In addition to shape your abdomen and waist, the girdle gives you enough support to relieve back pain and correct your posture. It looks great and combines with any kind of training tops, you can also wear it under everyday clothes.

4. Lover-Beauty: high compression corset sash

This corset girdle made of cottonSpandex and latex, it is flexible, durable, and as smooth as plastic bones, plus it can be easily folded and will quickly recover to the origin. Available in various colors.

High compression, the girdle helps you reduce 4-5 ″ at the waist when you wear it. Over time, you will see how you achieve that much desired figure.

5. Eleady: thermal corset girdle

Made in 90% polyester and 10% spandex, It is recommended to wash it by hand and dry it dry to maintain its shape and elasticity. It also offers you a non-slip U-type breast design that effectively holds your chest, concrete armpit, and flaccid back.

It offers you a thermal effect It enhances sweat and intensifies perspiration at its center more than your usual gym clothes during exercise. Over time, you’ll look more natural, elegant, and slim as it minimizes those unsightly bumps and bumps.

6. Say Fut: adjustable sash with mesh fabric

The corset girdle made of polyamide And high quality, its additional abdomen control cuts the waist. Available in skin color.

Shape your waist and abdomenThe girdle allows you to adjust the size as needed. Perfect to achieve the enviable figure you want.

7. FeelinGirl: girdle for burning calories

Made in 80% neoprene and 20% nylonThe girdle is lightweight, comfortable and offers great fat burning performance. It gives you a perfect fit and is available in other colors.

With its use, eliminate toxins Accelerating the calorie burning process, keeping your muscles warm, supported, and preventing fatigue and post-workout injuries.