A little extra good luck never hurts.

It’s always good to have a little bit of good luck, especially when we have to face daily challenges and be exposed to negative energies. A good way to achieve this is with the use of amulets or lucky accessories such as bracelets that we show you below:

Zorbitz Inc.: Bracelet for unexpected miracles


Bracelet made with authentic beads agate and wooden bead karma. Includes a small card woven with the bracelet, which expresses a message of unexpected miracles.

Bracelet that keeps bad thoughts away and seeks to alleviate your moods, thanks to its design thought to attract good luck.

Wenmily: Bracelet for wealth and prosperity

Bracelet made with authentic beads of obsidian, a stone well known for its attractive black color and its properties to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. The length of the bracelet is 6.5 inches.

This bracelet stands out as a purchase option in the market for its attractive design and characteristics of the Feng shui in the engraving of the accounts.

3. SPUNKYsoul: Elastic Elephant Design Bracelet


Bracelet made with four ribbons elastic, which together form a bracelet in different shades and types of beads. It has an elephant design as a hanging detail, which symbolizes prosperity, good luck and wealth.

Ideal to use as accessory at any event or casual outing. This elephant bracelet will be your companion against the negative thoughts that come into your life.

HZMAN: Stainless steel bracelet with Irish shamrock

Bracelet made with stainless steel and genuine leather tapes, which allows greater durability in use. It features a four leaf Irish clover design to bring good luck to the user. The size of the pendant is 2 x 2 cm, while the length of the chain is 19 – 21 cm.

The four-leaf design is a detail that attracts the good luck and prosperity for whoever wears it. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to acquire this attractive model.

5. Rhdun: Bracelet with chakra beads

Design of bohemian bracelet, made with jade stones to attract good luck, positive and spiritual energies in terms of union and prosperity.

Bracelet jade It stands out for its striking colored beads, which represent the energy of each chakra and its ability to easily adjust to your wrist.

6. Fengshui: Bracelet with black pearls for prosperity

Bracelet for prosperity crafted from black pearls with gold accents and featuring a Pi Xiu / Pi Yao figure, a traditional Chinese symbol for good energy attraction and protection.

This bracelet is adjusts at the wrist very easily, and it has a traditional Chinese design that will fill you with good energy and good luck.

7. AxiEr: Hamsa Hand Braided Bracelet


Design of braided bracelet in red, made with resistant fabric and adjustable by hand. It features an ornament with the hand of Hamsa, which is known to ward off bad desires and negative energies that may haunt you.

This red bracelet stands out for its attractive fabric Adjustable to the wrist, in addition to the beautiful Hamsa hand pattern that promises protection in your environment.