The maxi dresses have been a success among women plus size, and this occurs because they manage to hide those extra books that we do not find very flattering, but without you seeing yourself in the need to resort to the girdles shapers that in many occasions can be very uncomfortable. Well, it’s time for you to make the decision and resort to these models that we specially prepare for you, which minimize the ups and downs of your body and are the cure to show your curves.

1. Woman Within: Dress with flared skirt

It is a dress designed with rayon fabric that falls above the ankle and fits comfortably in a flared skirt with a beautiful swept print. You can get this model with different patterns of rich textures.

It is a piece that is perfect if you are voluptuous in the lower part of the body, since with nothing that marks the waist and with its loose cut create a female figure online A.

2. Linsery: Chevron stripe dress

Dress made with polyester and spandex for you to wear in the warmer seasons of the year. It is designed with square neckline, sleeveless and with the high waist that combines with chevron stripes.

Not only black is your only ally; you can also choose colors that highlight your beauty and they raise your mood. In addition, the neckline is always an ally when it comes to styling your figure, the important thing is that you use a good bra to prevent it from being marked.

3. Allegrace: Leopard print dress

This dress is made with a soft, elastic and comfortable fiber, perfect for the warmer months of the year. Its design features a round neckline and maxi skirt with side pockets.

If you are looking to hide the abdomen, this model with the dark lower part and the top with leopard print is perfect to take your eyes off your abdomen. Plus, bare arms compensate for leg visibility to shape your figure.

4. Allegrace: Long sleeved dress

Dress made with soft and breathable fiber material. It is designed with round neck, long sleeves and a pleated maxi skirt at the waist with side pockets.

It is a flexible fabric that adheres to your body but with substance, and its structure with front buttons and a loose skirt, turns curves into a firmer line so that you stay comfortable and fashionable.

5. Yskkt: Loose dress with side slits

This polyester and spandex dress comes with a cut loose and a maxi skirt with openings on the sides. It is available in various solid colors that emphasize and attract.

The best thing about this model is that its V neckline that balances the large bust with the lower part of the body to hide the rolls in the belly. Without forgetting what you will achieve frame your neck and face flatteringly.

6. Vislily: Flowery dress

It is a spandex and rayon dress that offers elasticity and softness for you to use daily. It features a top design with long sleeves and a round neckline with a solid fit that ends in a flowery skirt with loose drop to the floor.

This loose piece is the solution when we have defined curves, but the hips, glutes and abdomen stick out more than we would like. The you can wear casual or formal, only using high-heeled shoes or a coat.

7. Poseshe: Geometric print dress

This dress features a baggy design with jersey material that combines with a round neck and short sleeves. It also has an elastic under the bust that allows the maxi skirt to flow freely to the floor.

It is a model with large-scale prints that work to camouflage all those parts of the body with which you do not feel comfortable, leaving a soft feminine silhouette as you have always dreamed of. You can use it to go to the beach or as a daily casual look.