Comfortable and practical shoes to wear throughout the day.

Sometimes it is difficult for women to wear beautiful pairs of shoes without these bothering our feet. Therefore, it is important to choose well the models that you will use daily in your routine to be able to have pleasant walks to work or back home with total comfort and without pain. All footwear must have special characteristics to provide stability, comfort and make you look beautiful. Here we give you 7 options flat shoes so you can walk all day without hurting yourself.

1. Zanuy: Leather slippers

Made with soft leather highly rigid and elastic, with a non-slip synthetic sole that allows you to walk and even drive your vehicle comfortably. This model is waterproof.

You can use them for a casual meeting, to go to the office, shopping or to the movies, you choose when and where to take them. Its use will give comfort to your feet and you will want to wear them all day.

2. Lucky Brand: Leather ballerina slippers

This model of sneakers from the well-known brand Lucky Brand, has been designed with imported leather and fully synthetic soles. They come in different colors such as brown, black, pink, green among others for you to choose.

Are some very comfortable shoes that you will love to use them in your day to day. By acquiring them they will be part of your look repeatedly.

3. Lurryly: Cork sole sandals

Cork sandals can also be worn for any casual occasion. They come in skin and black color presentation, with a delicate print that give a vibrant look to your feet.

They are ideal to go shopping or go to an afternoon with friends looking beautiful and very classy with the shoes of patented skin.

4. Crocs: Casual sandals

This delicate model of sandals is made of synthetic sole and with a platform approximately 0.5 inches wide. Its insole is foam which gives softness and comfort to your feet.

The Lite Ride model, you can use it on various occasions, since they are incredibly soft and light, their manufacturer certifies their long duration and adaptation to all kinds of environments.

5. Zoerea: Sandals with elastic strap

These beautiful sandals are designed with elastic strap at the ankle and open toes that give comfort and are lightly padded on the sole for greater support of the foot.

You can take them to a day of work, to go shopping, or for a casual outing, since they are perfect to use in any type of environment and its decorations will make your feet look like those of a princess.

6. Alexis Leroy: Platform sandals

The sandals with crisscross ribbons are made of synthetic material, and are resistant to watery spaces. Its design includes high-quality microfiber leather.

This model with round head gives comfort when walking relaxing your feet and giving a feeling of lightness so that you go wherever you want feeling comfortable and elegant.

7. Todaies-Women: Summer slippers

These summer slippers are made of breathable outsole with round tip for greater comfort in use and with arch support inside.

This colorful model is ideal for summer where you can go out at any time of the day feeling comfortable with the sneakers from Todaies-Women Sandals.