Give your face special and natural care.

To have a face smooth and soft it is necessary to create a routine beauty with a series of products that start with the make-up remover and end with a night cream. The facial creams allow us to give our skin the care they need to be able to recover from the damage caused by makeup, pollution and aging; this is why this time we show you the best facial creams organic to apply to your face and feel totally rejuvenated:

BeeFriendly: facial cream for the eye contour

Based on natural ingredients like purified water, virgin olive oil organic extra, beeswax with pollen and propolis, raw Hawaiian honey with royal jelly, essential oils and vitamin E. Free of chemicals and fragrances. It is hydrating and anti-aging. Suitable for men and women.

Hydrates and rejuvenates your skin without clogging the pores, acts on crow’s feet, liver spots, bags, circles and dark spots on mature skin naturally.

Essentially Organic Soap: fast absorbing facial cream

This facial cream completely natural It is quickly absorbed leaving the skin soft and rejuvenated for hours, without the greasy sensation of conventional moisturizers. Formulated for deep hydration and quick absorption. Free of parabens, dyes and fragrances.

Increase cell turnover of your skin helping it to combat premature aging, it also naturally combats the reduction of fine lines, while deeply hydrating your face, eye area, neck and cleavage.

3. It was Organics: facial cream with aloe vera

Advanced 10 in 1 formula with aloe vera, manuka honey, coconut oil, cocoa butter and more, the facial cream works between 8 and 12 hours. It is not oily and does not clog pores.

Repairs damaged cells of your skin, stimulates the growth of new cells and restores the natural balance of your PH to 5.5. The non-greasy formula of the cream is completely absorbed into your skin and leaves no residue. It is hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin, even for children.

Organic Reef: face cream for day and night

This moisturizer contains organic coconut oil, lavender and other essential oils that will deeply nourish the skin. It has a natural lavender aroma. Free of parabens and dyes. Suitable for babies.

Moisturizes all skin types: oily, sensitive, acneic, dry or baby. Restore your dry and damaged skin, also relieving eczema, psoriasis, even your baby’s diaper rash.

5. THENA Natural Wellness: facial cream with hyaluronic acid

Vegan cream based on hyaluronic acid, repairing oil of camellia, argan, rose hip and jojoba. It is quickly absorbed and can be used both day and night.

With its use you get two benefits: You restore the tone of your skin and visibly reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It is perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

6. L&I Apothecary: goat milk and honey based facial cream

This cream contains organic goat’s milk, honey from bees and Vitamin EIt is smooth as silk and glides easily on the skin without feeling greasy. Fit for the body.

It is hydrating, soothing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Your skin will achieve a youthful appearance. Apply it both day and night.

7. LilyAna Naturals: cream based on oils and antioxidants

Formulated with rose distillate, aloe vera, vitamin C and E, orange extract and other essential oils and antioxidants, the cream is ideal for all skin types, such as oily, sensitive, acne-prone or a combination of all.

Heals, repairs, calms and shines to your skin. For hyperpigmentation, scarring, or redness. With an advanced non-greasy formula, the cream is completely absorbed quickly, without leaving residues, much less clogging your pores. With it, you can improve eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.

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