Have an original and functional kitchen with these incredible products.

The kitchen It is the space of our home where we usually spend more time. Therefore, it is important to have the utensils and tools that they facilitate the daily tasks and give a touch of fun to each dish. If you are one of those who enjoys having objects curious, original and practical, you cannot miss this list with the best products to make your kitchen a truly unique place.

Olive oil bottle dispenser genie lamp

This oil dispenser comes with a fun Aladdin genie lamp shaped bottle cap. It has been manufactured with high quality silicone, making it durable and easy to clean.

With it you can easily pour olive oil or vinegar, get a seal that will keep it fresh and the lovely look that gives the bottle.

Woman in tub with hair sponge

This sponge bra gives a very fun look and is also functional. Among its functions is drain the sponge water like steel wool. It is made of plastic so it will never rust.

It is the ultimate sponge sink holder. Not only does it keep your sponges dry, clean and organized, but it also makes a fun addition to any kitchen and is a guaranteed topic of conversation with your diners.

3. Cheese grater sword-shaped

The scriber has been made from stainless steel With a royal blue plastic handle that protects hands and fingers when using it.

It is ideal for grating cheeses and also different types of vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and much more with great ease.

Fruit and vegetable peeler cat-shaped

This cat shaped peeler is a lot of fun. Has been made of plastic in black color and a high quality stainless steel blade.

Without a doubt it will make your life easier when you need speed in the kitchen, because in the blink of an eye you will have peeled potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and more.

5. Whale dispensing toothpicks

This toothpick dispenser comes with funny whale shape. It has been made of plastic and has adequate space for a large number of chopsticks.

You just have to remove the base and insert the chopsticks, into it will be protected keeping them clean and dispensing one at a time.

6. Fish Yolk separator egg

This very useful tool in the kitchen has been made of silicone High quality and has a fun orange fish shape.

It is very easy to use, you just squeeze the fish taking its lips gently to the yolk, then release for the swallow and in another container you press again to release it and you have your whites and separate yolks.

7. Knife sharpener rhino

These knife sharpeners have been created in the shape of a rhino. Its basis is anti-slip and they are made of solid plastic and stainless steel.

These figurines will give a special touch to your kitchen making it look more chic than it surely already is, in addition to leaving your sharp and shiny knives.

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