Make the memory of your special night last in the memory of all your guests.

Your party fifteen years It is a memorable and special moment that will last in your memories throughout your life, and surely you want the same thing to happen with your guests. So if you want to give your loved ones a gift to help them recall the best moments of your special night, here we show you the best options of party memories what can you give them:

1. Wooden keychains twelve piece


Twelve-piece wooden keychain with 10mm crystal beads and silver chain. They measure 4.5 ″ in length.

The keychain is a very practical gift for your guests, because beyond having a gift to remember your party, they can also carry them daily in their keys.

2. Bracelet with stamp of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The bracelet has twelve 5mm glass beads and a gold-plated print of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Very elegant and functional. The bracelet adapts comfortably to young and adult dolls, making them an ideal gift to give to your guests.

3. Silver mirrors old-style

Made in silver and with the engraving of a quinceañera silhouette in gold, the hand mirrors have a diameter of 2.75 inches.

A gift unique, practical and eye-catching. Without a doubt, a gift that everyone will like to receive and use on a daily basis.

4. Glass piece with 3D laser engraving

This set includes twelve custom pieces with 3D laser engraving. Each piece comes with gift box and gift bag.

In addition to being beautiful, they are great durability, The text is permanently laser engraved inside the glass. Your guests will have a delicate decorative piece and a beautiful memory of your fifteenth birthday.

5. Mini jewelry box old-style

This plastic jewelry box silver and antique style It is available in a twelve-piece set. Its measurements are 2.5 x 3 inches.

A antique style jewelry box It turns out to be a spectacular gift for your most beloved guests, since they can place their own gift jewelry for their fifteen parties.

6. Fans of bamboo and silk

These fans have been made in hand bamboo and pink silk. They come with a laser cut gift box and can be customized. Available for 50 pieces.

Excellent gift for spring or summer, especially if your party is themed. Your friends will appreciate this beautiful gift that also turns out to be very practical.

7. Mini jars with rosaries

Rosaries with the image of Christ and the Virgin Mary accounts facts and silver chain. The purchase includes a 12-piece package with gift bottles.

Two gift in one, that your friends will appreciate. The rosary prayer is one of the most powerful within Catholicism.