An accessory specially designed for hot days.

In summer season and hand in hand with technology, one of the objects we want to have on hand is a portable fan to cool off when the heat and sweat are increasing. These practical kits come with their cable USB to connect them to our portable equipment, and due to their comfortable size we can take them anywhere, they also consume little energy. Take a look at these options and choose the best model for you.

1. Shalle: Portable fan

The mini fan Shalle brand is compact, made of low carbon aluminum alloy. To operate it only requires the power of your phone Iphone or Ipad.

The power of this portable fan is low noise equivalent to the sound of the breeze. The blades are made of ecological, soft and safe material. Give yourself this mini accessory to calm the heat.

2. Set of three mini fans

The P46 Digital brand offers you a 3-pack of mini portable fans in pink, blue and white colors. They are about 15 centimeters long and the blades about 4 centimeters each.

Each fan has a flexible body for you to place it in the position that suits you. When purchased, the brand includes interfaces to connect to phones Android, iPhone and computers.

3. Folding fan desktop

VersionTech presents its portable fan so you can take it wherever you go. It is fully foldable and has a lithium battery that you can recharge on your computer. There are six blades that guarantee strong winds to relieve the heat.

This fan can be used while connected to your computer or once charged you can take it and use it without having to be connected to any equipment, guaranteeing up to four hours of use continuous.

4. Cool off with these colorful fans

The So Much Fan brand offers you this quartet multicolored so you can take them wherever you go. Works with micro USB port to Android, Iphone and Ipad and also with different models of phones and computers.

This mini fan is ideal for use during summer and it can run for up to five continuous hours. The motor runs at 16,000 revolutions per minute and you can swap out the rotor and blades to make them more colorful.

5. Aibocn: High power fan

The Aibocn brand presents its mini fan With USB port output to charge from your computer or laptop with protection against power surges and short circuits.

You have two speed options: soft and strong, in addition to its battery level indicator. It is special for you to carry in your backpack in hot season or for camping or going out in the mountains.

6. Glowseen: Compact fan

The GS Glowseen portable fan has a elegant design that when storing it looks like lipstick. Its rechargeable battery lasts from 4 to 6 hours of use that recharges itself from portable equipment through its micro USB cable.

The blades are deployable at the time of use and have a safety system that, when touching any object, the fan paralyzes its functions to prevent accidents. The color is bright white for a sophisticated appearance.

7. Freshness in front of the computer

Whether it’s in a hot area of ​​your home or outdoors, the Arctic portable fan lets you keep heat at bay. This team is thin and lightIt runs at 1700 revolutions per minute at enough speed to cool the weather.

To use it, connect the cable to your computer and adjust its Swan neck towards the direction where you are. This laptop is quiet, so you can use it while listening to your favorite music.