Keep your jewelry tidy and extend its useful life.

If you’re jewelery lover and you have a wide collection of garments but you don’t know where to place them, so having a practical and safe organizer it will be ideal for you. Take a look at the models that we present below and choose the one that best suits your needs:

Hanging Organizer for the closet


Model practical jewelry organizer to hang on any wall or shelf. It has 80 transparent pockets to store your accessories and a size of 16.9 ″ wide x 31.5 ″ high. Made with 100% cotton canvas and transparent PVC window.

Organizer ideal for you to organize each garment and avoid accumulating clutter or losing any piece of your collection.

Jewelry organizer multifunction


Ingenious jewelery organizer model with practical rod design metallic so you can hang your clothes with great comfort. It has dimensions of 17.5 ″ x 10 ″ with 3 ″ and 16 hooks.

If you want to hang your jewelry freely in a practical organizer, this model is ideal for you. You can distribute each garment on the 16 hooks it has.

3. Vinyl organizer double-sided


Comfortable jewelry organizer, which has 32 transparent vinyl pockets and 18 hook closures, allowing you to locate your garments with great comfort.

If you are looking for a practical organizer with pockets functional to accommodate your clothes and that they are not lost, then this vinyl model is ideal for you.

Coat rack organizer 3 levels


Modern jewelry organizer design with three different levels arranged in bars metal, to distribute your accessories with greater capacity.

You will have no more problems locating your jewelry, since you can organize each of your clothes in this practical organizer of three different levels.

5. Jewelry holder with metal rods


Model of support, which works as a comfortable and functional jewelry organizer. Made with sturdy metal rods.

What stands out most about this support are its four levels arranged in rods to organize your accessories more comfortably.

6. Hanging Organizer with pockets and hooks


Functional organizer design to distribute jewelry in 40 pockets transparent. It also has 20 magic tape hooks.

You can hang your accessories from bracelets, necklaces or pendants with sum comfort for the multiple pockets and hooks that this practical organizer has.

7. Metal organizer elegant design


Strong organizer made of metal material, bronze and nickel. It has three different rods, which allows you to organize your clothes on three different levels. Its height is 19 inches.

Now you can locate each of your clothes in the different sections metallic that this functional organizer has, which will guarantee a better order in your accessories.

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