Give your faithful friend the best of retirements.

Our dog He is the best friend we can have. He is the ideal companion and they become part of our family. As we get older, our dogs need care and attention specials. However, this experience should not be traumatic, we just need to have the right elements to provide the care they deserve, such as the products that we show you below.

1. Folding ramp for the car


It is lightweight and portable. Suitable for small and large dogs up to 200 lbs. Its color is brown and black, it folds quickly and easily. It only weighs 15 pounds for the moving pet.

It has rubber bottom clamps for a secure placement and raised edges help prevent slipping. Its design allows you to reduce storage space and has a handle for easy transport.

2. Vitamin supplement for older pets

Helps keep your dog active and healthy. Allows your pet to maintain good Cognitive ability and good energy levels. Supports the mobility of the joints.

This supplement is ideal for your dog to stay vital regardless of its age. Similarly, it is a strong support for your immune system. Guarantee the vitality and energy of your best friend.

3. Stairs Detachable


These ladders for your dog are super light and weigh just 5 pounds, but are sturdy enough to support more than 120 pounds. They are easy to use and comfortable for your pets.

Designed with built-in side rails and non-slip feet Help your dogs feel confident and safe when going up and down the stairs. They fold easily and you can store them when necessary.

4. Support Harness for the hip


Help your dog to walk, climbing and re-living a normal life after suffering from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, ACL tear or other debilitating diseases.

Provides resistance and durability to handle your dog. It is equipped with a comfortable padded harness, perfect to protect your hand for easy and comfortable use. It only takes a few seconds to attach the harness to the rear legs.

5. Orthopedic bed Large size

It is a memory foam bed and immediately becomes your dog’s favorite place. It is ideal for when your pet suffers from arthritis, joint problems and muscles.

his memory foam Premium, it is hypoallergenic and therapeutic; the cover is made of waterproof fabric with a zipper so you can easily wash it and the bottom is non-slip.

6. Traction Pads for dogs


Uses a hypoallergenic adhesive, a non-toxic and environmentally friendly substance, a soft and breathable mat with thick rubber stains to strengthen traction.

Designed to adult dogs or special dogs that require a little extra traction. Each application lasts approximately 2 to 7 days, depending on the activity level of your dog.

7. Orthopedic splint for rear legs


It is a neoprene reinforcement for the rear leg without compromise flexibility. You can use it to heal injuries to your pet’s hind legs, and also as a preventive measure.

This clamp is a comfortable option and easy to use for dogs that need a little help to stabilize and support the hind leg. As your dog ages its joints naturally deteriorate.