Babies also need to be surrounded by good energy.

When you baby is about to be born or is already in its early days, it is vitally important to maintain special care due to how delicate and fragile they are. Therefore, you can not miss the opportunity to acquire a bracelet for the protection from your little one, who will keep him surrounded by good energies while driving away the negative, the envy and the bad desires. Take a look at these options:

Solomiya: Baby bracelet with guardian angel charm


Protective bracelet model with silver design guardian angel. The holder is made of authentic 925 sterling silver, which does not darken due to its rhodium plating. Safe material for the sensitive skin of the newborn. Elegant design in red thread, waterproof.

Protection bracelet in a delicate design for your baby’s wrist. This option is ideal to provide comfort and care to your newborn, especially due to the image of a guardian angel.

In Season Jewelry: 18K Gold Plated Protection Bracelet


Plated bracelet design 18k gold for the protection of your baby. This model has a length of 4.5 inches, in addition to including a box as a gift. It has a 30-day guarantee, thus allowing the purchase of the product with total confidence.

Ideal choice of protective bracelet for the evil eye that they may try to provoke in your newborn. Comfortable, safe and easy to fit on the baby’s wrist.

3. Pack of adjustable bracelets for the evil eye


Protective bracelet for newborns in design of jet and figa hand, available in red and navy blue thread. It is the right size for babies and children doll.

East bracelet model It stands out for the red color of its thread, which represents prosperity and protection for your little son in his first weeks or months of birth.

Lucky Charms USA: Mother and child bracelet with Turkish Eye

Set of two bracelets woven with red thread of prosperity to ward off the evil eye. One bracelet for the mother and one for the newborn. Water resistant and high quality braided for long life. In turn, they have gift packaging.

Ideal to look like a protective mother with your little baby. This design of two bracelets It comes in a nice red braided cord for luck and prosperity.

5. In Season Jewelry: Red and black bracelet for good luck


Bracelet design with jewelry in red and black, plated in 18K gold with beads. The model comes with a gift box included, ready to be presented to your newborn or a family member. Fully reliable 30-day warranty.

What stands out most about this design It is the combination of red and black to prevent the evil eye on the baby. Colors allow a harmony in the model. The jewelry is of high quality, plus the gold plating.

6. Enjoyingtoday: Bracelet for good luck jet hand


Model of protection bracelet made of titanium steel and resin. It has a length of around 5.9 inches. Likewise, this design comes well packaged with packaging to reach the buyer’s destination completely safe.

Option of bracelet for good luck that stands out for its gold jewelry and titanium silver. Your newborn’s wrist will be protected by this bracelet specially designed to combat the evil eye.

7. Hallmark Jewelry: Sterling silver bracelet with adjustable heart

Bracelet made in sterling silver with special cover to avoid tarnish. Exclusive design with engraving of the word “blessed” and a cross charm with a small heart as an addition. Easy to use and adjustable to your baby’s wrist.

Bracelet It stands out for its delicate design in sterling silver and the Christian cross charm. Ideal option to provide protection to your little one in his first months of life.