A powerful accessory that you can always carry with you.

Many objects and symbols are attributed to certain special powers such as improving the luck or attract the fortune. The truth is that regardless of the object that we use as an amulet, the really important thing is to have trust and security in its power and always carry them with us as one protection. That is why here we show you the best you said that you can take with you like you amulet personal.

1. Chain with clover charm

LESLIE BOULES Four Leaf Clover Pendant 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Blue Crystal Beads Chain 18 "

Handmade chain with glass beads in black color joined by a gold jewelry wire. It has a 4-leaf clover charm plated in 18-carat gold.

Take this necklace with you so that luck is always on your side or present it to a special person. This beautiful chain comes one organza bag Gift.

2. Animal Kingdom: I said elephants

I said with the figure of two elephants made and polished by hand in 925 sterling silver. Comes in a gift bag.

Elephants represent mental strength, wisdom and experience. If this is what you want to attract, do not hesitate to wear this charm on a chain or bracelet of your choice.

3. Chain with I said eye

Chain rose gold plated with charms of transparent, dark crystals and amulet of the great eye of Turkey.

The devil’s eye, also called turkey eye, means protection. This amulet drives away negative thoughts and actions.

4. I said lucky stone

Silver Palace Sterling Silver Handmade And Natural Amethyst Pendant For Womens And Girls

I said of 925 Sterling Silver with a round carved lucky st It is available with a turquoise or amethyst.

Attracts positive energies directly from nature with one of these charms. You can add it to a necklace, keychain or bracelet.

5. Necklace with I said of the Virgin Mary

U7 Virgin Mary Necklace 18K Gold Plated Women / Men Christian Jewelry Cross St Benedict Medal Pendant Necklace (Gold)

Copper chain with plating 18-carat gold It includes a medium charm with the image of the Virgin Mary, and on the back it has a cross.

If you are devoted to marian images you cannot miss this elegant chain. It comes in a delicate bag with a gift box.

6. Silver necklace with clover charm

18 ″ long silver chain with charm 3 leaf clover hand carved from the same material.

Clover is the most popular symbol related to the good luck. This beautiful timeless charm can be worn by children, youth and adults.

7. Necklace with said of hand of Fatima

Link chain stainless steel gold color with large pendant in the form of the Hand of Fatima covered with shiny crystals with an eye in the center.

If you want everyone to notice your protection, this beautiful accessory is the perfect piece. It comes in a gift bag and it is recommended not to wet it or expose it to long periods in the sun.