Improve your figure and your health with these thermal belts.

The girdles thermal kind sauna They are garments that use materials that trap heat to cause sweating at an accelerated rate, in a way that helps us burn toxins to reduce a few centimeters of the abdomen in the shortest possible time. Next, we prepare a list with everything you have to know about these girdles, and manage to have the figure you have always wanted.

1.Body shaper with pockets

This girdle uses elastic neoprene material that when in direct contact with the skin causes the temperature to rise considerably. There is also a velcro closure for a secure fit at the waist and a front pocket for you to store your smartph

It is ideal to shape your waist during any type of trainingAs it is a way to accelerate weight loss in water and maximize the burning of toxins. In addition, you can easily wear it under your clothes while doing your daily activities.

2. Lumbar support girdle Active gear

It is a lumbar support sauna girdle that is perfect to protect your lower back muscles and fatigue during exercise. It comes in two sizes with an elastic design and wide stomach coverage that can be adjusted to torso of men and women.

Comes with an inner layer that maintains body heat for increase perspiration and an outer layer that absorbs it. The advantage of this garment is that the outside of the garment will stay dry regardless of the intensity of your exercise routine.

3. Shaper with thermal insulation

Waist reduction girdle made of high-tech neoprene that offers innovative therapeutic heat and provides thermal insulation with great sealing performance, this accelerates sweating and stimulates the burning of toxins. It suits both men and women.

It also has a latex-free nanometer lining that repels moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria, as well as a non-slip design, so that the muscles of the abdomen are kept tight and warm during workouts.

4. Fitness girdle therapeutic heat

It is a fitness girdle that is designed with a breathable fabric that manages to release moisture, in a way that prevents the appearance of bacteria and eliminates unwanted odors. It comes in sizes ranging from M to XXL, so it adapts to men and women alike.

It is a practical abdomen protector that allows greater freedom of movement While you’re at home, at work, or at the gym, as it provides light compression that stabilizes the body and gives you therapeutic heat for pain relief.

5. Tummy tuck girdle Dunlan

This tummy tuck is a waist shaper made of neoprene material that removes excess sweat. It also comes with a gel cutout that retains heat around the central area, controls sweating and allows the loss of toxins.

It is a belly band with elastic velcro closure to offer a strong grip to adapt to the size of your body. You can wear it under any sportswear because works for all kinds of workouts.

6. Girdle with mesh cover Biange

It is a girdle made with neoprene padded fabric and with a mesh inner lining that it is breathable and limits sliding during exercises, this way it offers an ideal temperature to burn toxins. It is available in 4 sizes and 5 different colors.

It is a way to enjoy the sauna effect through its strong core that stabilizes the body so that you achieve easier breathing, a healthy posture and better circulation, while strengthens, protects and tightens the torso muscles.

7. Fitness electric girdle Vibro shape

It is a heating belt that works the most problematic parts of your body, through a sauna that removes toxin residues and dissolves fat in the abdomen, waist, hips and back. It comes with a 12V power adapter and a tape measure.

In addition, it has functions of ultrasonic vibrations They improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and relieve body tension after performing an exercise routine or during your daily activities at home.