The wedding dress is not the only garment that you should wear on your wedding day.

The lingerie is as important as wedding dressThat is why you must invest time and dedication to get the most suitable so that you feel comfortable with yourself. You can explore among the different types of fabrics, textures and decorations that exist, which will reflect your personality so that it favors and highlights your attributes. If you opt for the traditional pieces white, you can take a look at these 7 models that we specially prepared so that you surprise your husband on the wedding night.

1. Topmelon: Corset with lace

This white corset is designed with lace in the central part, with a proper fit that provides a firm control of 360 degrees in the abdomen, thus reducing the waist lines from 2 to 3 inches.

This piece is always one of the first options when choosing because it stylizes the figure under the dress without being marked. You can also combine it with a thong and stockings with garter belt to contour your legs and give a touch of sensuality.

2. Ruzishun: Dress and thong set

This dress and thong set features a sheer design that matches lace flowers at the hem and hem. fitted top. You can get these pieces in different sizes so you can choose your own size.

The idea is that you leave your imagination a little so that your natural beauty takes center stage, and its cut highlights your curves giving you a little fun at the moment so you can steal a few sighs from your husband.

3. Aranmei: One-piece bodysuit

This piece of lingerie is designed with lace throughout its length, which combines with a V neckline, with spaghetti strap and goblet rim cups. The bottom can be opened to easily go to the bathroom without removing the garment.

If what you are looking for is sexy lingerieThis piece is the best option because it frames your figure and makes you look sensual. In addition, it is a comfortable garment that offers you freedom of movement and that can become your outfit for other occasions.

4. Avidlove: Transparent bodysuit

This sheer bodysuit has a loose fit that comfortably fits the body. The upper part comes with flowy lace cups with plunging neckline and elastic spaghetti straps that fit.

It is an ideal piece if you have a narrow waist and flat abdomen, because it highlights areas of your body that they make you look plus sexy and safe for you to feel powerful on a special night with your husband.

5. Aranmei: Set of 3 pieces

This sexy lace lingerie set features top with a high scoop neckline with front slit and matching garter belt panties. It is made of mesh and an elastic material that is soft on skin contact.

They are pieces that offer a perfect solid pattern that highlights the areas of your body that make you look sexy. You can also show it off without suffering, since it is super comfortable and draws your partner’s attention on the wedding night.

6. Avidlove: Babydoll with transparencies

It is a sheer mesh camisole set that is trimmed with the ruffled hem. It has flirty straps that fit in a front design with lace trim bodice.

It’s time to get out of the routine with this flattering garment that it’s comfortable and will make you feel safe, so that you can surprise your husband and keep the spark on your wedding night.

7. SkinnyKissy: Bodysuit with deep neckline

This one-piece lingerie is embroidered with sheer lace that blends with a design with short sleeves, a plunging neckline over the waist and a lace cut that highlight the curves of your body. It has a satin closure in the back for you to adjust it to your liking.

Her sawtooth cut on her chest adds a touch of romance, while will make you feel flirtatious, sensual and special so your husband doesn’t take his eyes off you.