A way to decorate your home and fill it with good energy.

There are many ways you can attract good luck to you home; one of them is by using decorative objects that provide an environment of peace, tranquility, harmony and blessings to all your spaces, such as those that we are going to present below:

TOUCH MISS: Thai golden elephant

This elephant statue made in polyresin And with a gold-tone paint finish, it measures 10.2 inches × 9.5 inches.

Old-style elephant with trunk up represents prosperity, Good luck and success. You can place it on the entrance door, living room and next to the bed.

Wenmily: golden figurines of Pi Yao and Pi Xiu

Made of brass and painted in gold, the figurines measure 2.1 “x 1.0” x 2.3 “. The Pi Yao and Pi Xiu are one of the 4 legendary creatures of ancient China. The purchase includes a set of 5 old coins in red thread that resemble a lotus flower.

Attract wealth from everywhere and in turn avoid bad luck. Place your head toward the window or to the sides of the front door of the house to attract blessings and fortunes.

3. Bellaa: golden statue of hindu god

The statue of God Ganesha has been made of polyresin with gold finish. It is 7 inches tall and is strong and durable.

This Hindu elephant is considered to be the lord of prosperity and fortune. Place it in your living room, your nightstand, or the hall or hall table.

KT: jade buddha statue

From jade green colorThe figure of the Buddha in a state of meditation with his arms in his lap measures 2.5 ″ x 1.5 ″. It is made of resistant and durable resin at the same time.

As a decorative element it attracts for you positive aspects such as blessing, wealth, success and good health. The best location you can give it is near the main entrance.

5. Ebros Gift: Money Tree statue

The money tree statue has been made of resin, hand painted and individually polished. It measures 4 inches and you can place it in your home or office.

According to Feng Shui, it represents the wealth and abundance. Place it directly in the hallway, near the front door, or in a corner.

6. Wenmily: statue of the Money Toad with coins

Made of resin and measuring 10 ″ x 8.8 ″, the money toad comes with a set of ten old coins on a red string, tied together to resemble a lotus flower.

On a gold ingot and with a row of copper coins, represents wealth and dignity, so it serves as an auspicious sign of treasure, wealth, and abundance. You can rotate the base 360 ​​°.

7. I WAS GOING: glass turtle statue

The turtle statue crafted in Clear glassIt measures 1.5 ″ x 3.2 ″ and weighs 100 grams. It is one of the 4 legendary creatures of ancient China.

The turtle symbolizes long life and tenacity, attracts good luck, promotes good health and protects you against bad energy.