The right detail to seal your bridal look.

Look beautiful and impeccable on the day of our wedding it is a goal that all brides want to achieve. For this ceremony it is very important that each detail of the clothing combines and that each accessory that they are going to use is consistent with the rest of the decoration. Choose the bouquet of flowers for that day it is one of the decisions that cannot be overlooked. And although there is a wide variety of bouquets, this time we show you some styles of artificial flowers that will surely help complement your dress.

1. Elegant design with green hues

An exclusive combination of white roses, carnations, peonies, hydrangeas and dahlias. It is ideal to fill with colorful and subtle the atmosphere of the ceremony. Each flower in the bouquet has been created with a beautiful silk fabric.

A detail that makes the bouquet a great protagonist in the celebration and that it does not pass unnoticed.

2. Traditional style bouquet with White roses

This bouquet is made up of 26 white roses made of fabric and plastic. It has a very delicate design and has been made with materials of high quality.

If your wedding has one traditional decorationThis bouquet can be a great choice. It will complement your look and bring more elegance, without taking the prominence out of your dress.

3. Floral motif with design of tapes

This is a feminine bouquet designed with three different shades that gives a contrast to your wedding dress. Each of the roses have been created by hand and with the maximum attention to detail.

Its handle wrapped with ribbons silk makes it steal the eyes of all the guests. It will be a perfect accessory if the wedding decoration has been inspired by a fairy tale.

4. Bouquet of style roses waterfall

It is a bouquet of roses that has been made with long-lasting materials. It has a great combination of cold colors that will combine very well with any decoration, regardless of the season of the year.

It is a large flower arrangement that will be the protagonist of your look and will also create a contrast with the color of your dress. They are ideal to use with classic design dresses or with a mermaid skirt.

5. Detail of flowers with country style

Each flower is a unique piece It has been made with a combination of silk, plastic and iron. It has a country style and a finish that makes them look like authentic natural flowers.

Its small size will give a different touch to your look. It has a very heavy light, so it will be very easy to carry it while you are walking towards the altar.

6. Bouquet of peonies for detail bride

Peonies are known for being very romantic and delicate flowers. The green hue gives this bouquet a more natural and elegant touch. They are ideal for brides who like the bohemian style.

It transmits elegance and fits perfectly with any type of dress. It is a unique bouquet that will be part of a Unforgettable memory of that special day for you and your partner.

7. Roses minimalist with diamonds

They are precious white roses that have been handmade with polyethylene foam and has a satin-wrapped handle. The minimalist style of this bouquet is ideal to capture the eyes of all your guests and the groom.

Its vibrant blue color and white roses make a great contrast that matches any type of dress. The roses are decorated with diamond inlays hand polished.