An ideal shoe for the change of season.

As autumn approaches, the weather gets colder and rainier. It is time to put the sandals away, to make way for closed shoes. If this season you want to launch a new shoe, then Kenneth Cole boots are a great option, because they offer comfort and style in quality shoes.

1. Kenneth Cole REACTION

Made of perforated suede, these low-cut boots have a wood-textured heel and a flexible rubber sole. These Kenneth Coles boots They are ideal for walking and standing for a long time, due to their type of sole. It has a closure to be able to put them on the back.

In white or beige, these kenneth cole boots They start at $ 33.48 and clients at Amazon They affirm that it is a very comfortable and trendy shoe.

2. Kenneth Cole REACTION

In a more casual style, you are kenneth cole boots They are made of suede, have a closure on the outer side and a curved rubber base that offers height and comfort to the shoe, the lower part is approximately 1 ’high. Inside, they have a template memory foam which also allows your foot to breathe.

Available in four different colorsThese boots are the top sellers on the list and start at $ 28.97. In Amazon, the clients highlight that they are boots with a very casual and versatile design, ideal for work, travel or to wear every day. Some clients found that it is a model that is large, so they opted for a size less than usual.

3. Kenneth Cole REACTION Road Stop

Made of synthetic fabric, these Kenneth Cole brand boots they have a higher body, reaching to the ankle. It has a closure on the inner side and a flexible rubber sole, guaranteeing comfort, and they have a small heel that adds elegance, but without making your foot suffer.

With a classic design, this kenneth cole model It is one of the best rated in the guide and is available in black or leopard print, very much in trend today. This shoe is priced starting at $ 33.16 and customers at Amazon They mention that they are very comfortable and versatile boots, which go very well with any look.

4. Kenneth Cole REACTION

With a low casual design, these kenneth cole boots They are made of suede and have a closure on the back. It has a rubber block approximately 1.5 ’high, and the base is also flexible rubber. Inside, it has a soft insole that increases comfort.

These Kenneth Cole boots They start at $ 48.99, being one of the most expensive models on the list. They are available in 3 colors and are ideal to wear on any occasion. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are boots that fit very well and are very comfortable, being able to be used for many hours. In addition, they highlight its classic and versatile design, which goes with everything.

5. Kenneth Cole REACTION Rotini

These boots have an outstanding style, but they can still be very versatile and give any look an original detail. The kenneth cole boots They’re made of suede and have a fringe design on the side that moves as you walk. It is 2.5 ” high, with a 0.25 ” high flexible rubber base.

With great style, you are kenneth cole boots are available in 6 different colors, with a price starting at $ 44.85. The clients mention that they are quite narrow boots, but that they offer a lot of comfort to wear throughout the day, despite the high heel. They have a side closure that allows them to be put on very easily.

6. Kenneth Cole REACTION

With two large buckles, you are kenneth cole boots They have a design that is currently trending, and are made of synthetic suede. It has a heel of approximately 2 ’high, and a curved rubber sole that increases comfort. Inside, it has a padded insole.

You are with cheaper boots And they are available in 3 different colors, with a price starting at $ 22.86. In Amazon, the clients highlight their comfort and their great style, which adds elegance to their looks.

7. Kenneth Cole REACTION

These kenneth cole boots They have a very casual style, with a large base that helps add comfort in use. They are made of suede, with a side closure on the outside to put them. Its base measures approximately 1 ’high, and increases its height at the heel, creating a rubber platform.

Its price starts at $ 57.09 and is one of the best rated from the guide, although it is also the most expensive model. It is a boot with a casual and versatile style, ideal for every day. Clients in Amazon highlight its great comfort and ease of combining with any look.