It is important to have a surge protector so that our appliances are protected from the abrupt rises of the voltage or unexpected fluctuations; But when looking for the right one, we always have doubts about which one is right for us. So you don’t worry anymore, we have prepared this list with the best models of surge protectors to keep your electronics and devices protected at all times.

1. Belkin: 4320 joule surge protector

This power strip protects against 4320 joule surges and has a noise filter to prevent interference. Its design has a detachable 8-foot cable with a swivel plug that has an admin clip so the extension stays organized.

It has 12 outputs among which are four regular and eight pivoting, this allows you to charge different electronic devices simultaneously, while their smart circuits protects them so you don’t have to worry about electrical fluctuations.

2. Anko: Protector of overvoltage with 3000W power

It is a tower-shaped protector that has 10 universal output plugs They are vertically distributed through its four sides, and 4 USB ports that work simultaneously. It is made of ABS and PVC material resistant to high temperatures and with a copper cable with a length of 6 feet.

It is a piece that supports a surge rating of 780 joule with 3 lines, this allows energy to flow so optimal and your equipment is kept safe, especially during storms or power outages.

3. Tripp-Lite: 2880 joule surge suppressor

This surge protector is designed with 8 outlets with an output configuration of energy saving Protecting against 2880 joules, this is accompanied by an LED light to diagnose suppressor damage and an 8-foot cord with angled plug.

It provides reliable technology that is compatible with all PCs and laptops, while blocking noise online and allowing you to choose the voltage for each of the peripherals. In addition, it has an integrated cover that includes a safety outlet for mtos small in the house.

4. Bestek: 1500 joule overload protector

This protector withstands an overload of up to 1500 joules and has 8 widely separated output jacks and 6 USB ports with LED indicators that detect devices intelligently, while providing a maximum charging speed of up to 2.4 A.

Your technology offers energy savings And its two independent buttons allow you to turn on or off just one row when you want. Without forgetting that it comes with a compact design that is ideal for you to adapt it to small spaces.

5. APC: U-shaped surge protector

We present you a surge protector built with 6 outlets and 3 USB ports including two Type A outputs and one Type C output. It comes with a 6-inch power cable that can rotate 90 degrees.

This model has a U-shaped design that allows you to place it at one end of the desk or hang on the wall, so it gives you peace of mind in any space of the home or office so you can keep your always protected appliances.

6. SuperDanny: Compact surge protector

It is a modern desktop protector that has an integrated construction 4 standard output jacks and 4 smart USB ports that detect the devices and provide a speed of up to 2.1 each. It also comes with an LED light with on / off switch that alerts when overloads.

This piece is made of flame retardant material that resists high temperatures And it is lightning proof, which provides high efficiency to protect mobile equipment, computers and other household or office appliances.

7. Wood protector for overvoltage

This wooden tablet is made with a thick copper extension cord to avoid overheating, and power outlets distributed in 6 standard and 4 USB ports, which have a technology that detects devices and offer fast charging with 2.1 A output.

They can be adjusted to the charging rate of laptops, iPhone, iPad, digital cameras and other electronic devices for protect them from overloads and voltage fluctuations that can cause damage.

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