Leaving aside the spiritual approach, scientists have been able to confirm that the human being emits vibrating waves of energy that affect your environment positively or negatively, and this influences every aspect of your life, so it is important to maintain a balance and control of these energies. The talismans They are made of natural stones with energetic qualities that help you manage and purify the energies of your environment and thus maintain protected. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you:

1. Hanging drop clear glass

This talisman is based on a transparent glass ball made of cut lead It has a hole at the top to hang.

To help you activate positive energy or break the negative energy. It can also help you balance areas that lack light and color or have chaotic energy. You can hang it in your car or in a corner of the room. Placing it to the southeast, northwest, or center of a room can also attract prosperity.

2. Talisman quartz crystal

The talisman is made of glass rutilated natural quartz and gold, a Gemini and Taurus birthstone that works in all Chakras. Includes electronic instruction book.

You can use it as a jewel or talisman. Its use eliminates depression, counteracts fear and increases and balances the electromagnetic field.

3. Hanging talisman amethyst

This talisman of authentic amethyst crystal It comes as I said from an 18-inch silver chain, which is easy to put on thanks to its durable quality lobster claw clasp. Comes with electronic instruction book.

Its use will calm the mind, relieves stress, helps to fall asleep, reinforces memory, relieves anxiety and strengthens the aura. Amethyst is a February birthstone, making it a perfect gift for both Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

4. Talisman tourmaline crystal

The crystal talisman of black natural tourmaline Raw comes as I said from an 18-inch chain made of silver.

Tea protects from physical attack, negative energy and radiation, while relieving you of anxiety and increasing your confidence. This gemstone works with the Base Chakra and is Libra’s birthst

5. Set of obelisk and angel of purple amethyst

These crystal talismans of purple amethyst They are shaped like a 1.5-inch obelisk and a 1.77-inch angelic figure.

Supports the stabilization of mood swings, the blood purification and the kidneys. You can use it in healing, chakra balance, energy boost, protection, or feng shui.

6. Charm and bracelet rose quartz crystal

Talisman of natural rose quartz consisting of a bracelet and pendant pendant in the shape of a drop with a handmade Tree of Life design.

When you use it, promote beauty, health, good luck and healing. It is a great gift to anyone who wants to balance their chakras and their energies.

7. Set of 7 talismans of natural crystals

This talisman has 7 natural crystals Amethyst, Rock Crystal Quartz, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Agate, Red Jasper and Obsidian.

Symbolize wealth and abundance. They also attract good luck and relieve stress. You can use them for reiki, healing, meditation, energy charging, protection, home decoration, chakra balance, or rituals.