Fill your home with good energy and prosperity with these charms.

The Tree of Life It is a powerful amulet that represents the connection of our body and mind with the Mother Nature, and helps us balance the energies from our environment, and bring prosperity and good luck to our home. This time we show you the best figures of the tree of life, which will not only give it a touch decorative your house, they will also fill it with good luck and good wishes.

Tree of Life of wood

This beautiful handmade work is made of shiny wood. Have a discreet and elegant design, and a rectangular base at the bottom that ensures it remains stationary.

The piece of art You can place it in any space in your house, such as the dining room table or in the bedroom.

2. Circular pendant Tree of Life

This ideal wall decoration is handmade and in 24-inch metal. Its weight is light and represents a garden with the tree of life in the middle.

You can hang it on any wall in your home or office to always attract the best energy by giving a elegant and modern style to your spaces.

3. Tree of life with copper finish

This beautiful sculpture with copper finish and turquoise colors In its branch design, it has a metal bracket on the back for easy mounting without sharp edges.

The play does not rust and it lasts over time so you will enjoy this wonderful piece anywhere in the house or office.

4. Set of pictures with Abstract painting

The painting mounted on modern canvas It rests on a sturdy elastic wooden frame with black hooks mounted on the wooden bar for easy installation.

It is ideal for Wall decorations As it unfolds into five beautiful parts that display the wonderful colors of the tree of life, giving vitality and recharging the energies of your home.

5. Crystal tree citrine and amethyst

The beautiful tree of quartz crystals resembling the rainbow, it has a coated rock crystal base for added stability and weighs 150 grams.

You can display this beautiful specimen of the tree of life with branches that can be manipulated so you can place them in the direction you want, channeling energy of each of them for your prosperity.

6. Orange Lamp with Tree of Life

This particular and sophisticated model weighs 12.8 ounces and emits a light orange night. Its shape is round and it is made with copper material.

The piece can be placed in large or small spaces and it will give you a warm lighting and relaxing that can help you in your meditation or relaxation routines.

7. Garden Hanging with the Tree of Life

This beautiful piece is made of fine threads with a central design of the tree of life and from it hang metal tubes that emit a breeze that emits sounds that relax and they attract good vibes.

You can place it in the garden or the entrance of your house, giving a mystical touch and elegance to your spaces.