Enjoy your favorite movies at full volume without disturbing others.

Nothing like enjoying a marathon of films in the comfort of your home as if you were in a room of a cinema, and we all know that movies are more enjoyable when we watch them with the volume as high as we want; but that can sometimes annoy others present in the house. So so you can enjoy your favorite programming in the volume you want, we present you the best headphones for tv that you should have in your home.

1. Jelly Comb: High Quality Wireless TV Headphones


Model of wireless headphones They have wide universal compatibility to transmit sound from TV, FM Radio, computer, tablet, among other devices. Superior sound quality, which offers strong, clear and stereo reproduction, as well as complete freedom of movement due to its wireless format.

Is he ideal model to enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your chair or bed. You can mobilize without fear of damaging the cables or missing any detail in the audio transmission.

2. New bee: Noise-canceling headphones


New Bee NB-10S Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones Adopting Noise Canceling Technology double microphone, which greatly improves the noise reduction effect. They have high quality pads with a soft texture to protect the user’s ears. Long play time, advanced bluetooth 4.2 and CSR 64215 chip supporting aPTX -LL technology.

Essential option to remove noise effects belonging to the environment. With these headphones you can enjoy your movie as if you were inside a real theater.

3. ZANCHIE: Headphones with sound in stereo digital format


Headphone model with wide sound reproduction in digital format stereo. Superior HI-FI sound and no possibility of degradation. Battery life up to 10 hours of use. In turn, the devices offer interference-free reception through walls, ceilings and outdoors up to 100 meters.

With these wireless headphones You will be able to view your movie, series or television program with absolute sound range in high quality. Easy to use, plus comfortable with soft padding on the pads.

4. Jelly Comb: Black headphones ideal for TV


Headphones with the latest technology, which offer sound reproduction in digital format, fully compatible for TV, FM radio, computer, tablet, smartphone, among others. In turn, it has a long time in all types of transmission.

Option of wireless headphones They stand out in the market for their digital format and elegant black design. Each audio stream will be like being inside a movie theater.

5. Avantree: Wireless Headphones with Microphone and Hands-Free


Wireless headphones that work with any Bluetooth transmitter Low latency to deliver a lag-free audio experience. High quality musical experience due to its faithful sound reproduction without any loss. It also has a long-lasting battery. Multifunctional and easy to use.

Headphone model with free hands and microphone that stand out due to their faithful sound reproduction and comfort when using.

6. Rybozen: Headphones with digital transmitter

Latest device technology 2.4G with wide-range transmitter to reproduce sounds with full fidelity. Likewise, it has a high-level wireless range of up to 160 feet / 50M. It has rechargeable batteries.

If you are looking to feel in a movie theater, these headphones with digital transmitter They are the most attractive option on the market today. Amazing and crisp sound.

7. GOgroove: Audio system with wireless connection


Model of headphones or headphones with wide wireless connection. You have the option of BlueGATE TRM to connect to the Sony HDTV, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Vizio, Coby, ocosmo, seiki, TCL, Sharp, upstar, Westinghouse, among other brands. In turn, it includes a set of rechargeable batteries and velcro mounting options.

With this device earphone you can enjoy any movie or video you want to play on your TV, tablet, computer or smartphone, thanks to the high fidelity of the audio.