Improve the preservation of your food and have more free space.

Keep the tidy refrigerator It is a challenge for many people, especially when it comes to identifying each of the foods stored there. For this there are containers of different sizes and colors that apart from maintaining order in your fridge, they allow you to keep your foods. That’s why we show you seven airtight containers to keep your refrigerator in order.

1. Wishbone Corner: Hermetic containers for food

The Wishbone Corner brand has for you its hermetic containers To store food consisting of seven pieces with four different sizes: one extra high 2.9 liters, two large 1.2 liters, two medium 0.8 liters and two small containers of 0.5 liters. All with interchangeable lids.

The lid closures have silicone seals to avoid leaks and keep your food protected. Furthermore, the covers are removable to guarantee your complete cleaning. Containers are stackable to save space.

Extra large containers from Chef’s Path

The Chef’s Path brand has for you two containers Plus size 175 ounce capacity, with side lock lids to protect air and water from entering your food to ensure maximum freshness.

The plastic from which they are made is free of toxic substances. The container duo comes with eight labels for identify foods that you store, in addition to measuring cups.

3. OXO: 10 clear containers

With a variety of 10 containers ready to organize your fridge, the OXO brand has for you a 4-liter container, one of 2.4 liters, another of 2.1 liters, two of 0.9 liters, two of 0.5 and one of 0.3; ideal for stacking and holding organized the fridge.

The lid has a vacuum cleaner sealing to keep food fresh and protected for much longer. The containers come with a set of labels to identify the food.

4. Packaging multiple sizes for your fridge and pantry

The Shazo brand has for you its 20 containers of different sizes to keep order not only in your fridge but in your pantry. The containers are made completely free of chemicals with interchangeable lids and extra seals that allow dosing meals.

The containers are stackable with special modular designs for small spaces. Also, when you buy it, you will get your labels with the liquid chalk marker that will allow you to identify the product in each container.

5. Rubbermaid: Fresh Works containers

The Rubbermaid Fresh Works food container offers longer life for your food since the lid allows the oxygen and carbon dioxide flow. Inside the container you will find a grid that separates the food from the humidity that condensation produces.

This set includes a set of three pieces: two of 17.3 cups and one of 6.3 cups, ideal to keep inside the fridge and guarantee the duration of your food for much longer.

6. Containers seven pieces from Sealco

Seven sizes of plastic containers have the Sealco brand for you with sizes of 4, 8, 17, 34, 50, 85 and 130 ounces. Are from rectangular shape to make better use of the space in your fridge, and they are also stackable.

The lids are hermetic and the plastic containers are chemical free to guarantee freshness and durability in your food. You can use these containers in the refrigerator to heat food in the microwave and also wash them in the dishwasher.

7. Wonder Veg containers with hermetic lids

The Wonder veg brand has for you its eight containers rectangular with a capacity from 240 to 1500 milliliters, made of chemical-free plastic, thus guaranteeing a longer duration and better preservation of your food.

Lids are airtight with four safety tabs to avoid leaks. These containers are fully stackable and can be used in the refrigerator and microwave. You can also clean them in the dishwasher and put one inside the other when you are not using them.

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