A practical and fun gift that your children will appreciate.

One of the devices that provoke more interest today by young people is the mini speakers, with which they can reproduce their music favorite at all times. So if you are looking for the ideal gift for your child’s next birthday, take a look at these compact models that you will surely love.

1. FRESHeTECH: Personal waterproof speaker

Mini Speaker personal, which has 14 hours of continuous playback time. This device is waterproof, which in turn can float without any inconvenience. It has proven rugged durability as well as the option to connect to Bluetooth 4.0.

This mini speaker stands out for its practical design and functional. Able to resist water, due to its construction with polycarbonate material.

2. VicTsing: Compact mini speaker with pendant


100% mini speaker design raincoat, resisting splashes, steam and water spray. Supports up to 6 hours of playback. Model compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth, be they phones, computers, among others.

This type of speaker features a Connection effortlessly, being totally comfortable from anywhere outside or inside your home.

3. BassPal: Wireless 4.0 Speakers with FM Radio


Set of horns wireless technology 4.0 portable and FM radio. It features a fully waterproof IPX7 design, which can submerge up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. In turn, it has a high-performance 5W controller.

These mini speakers stand out in today’s market for their ability to resist splashing and submerge in water. From resistant material and elegant appearance.

4. Nyne: Portable speaker with premium stereo sound

Speaker laptop Technological, which has a capacity for underwater reproduction. Waterproof and dust resistant. At the same time, it has a bluetooth connection with a wide range, as well as a long-lasting battery.

Ideal choice of mini speakers raincoats to give your children a special occasion. They will enjoy playing their music, even on a pool day.

5. DOSS: Wireless speaker with 20W stereo sound

Wireless mini speaker that features high-quality sound stereo 20W with enhanced bass. Also, they have a wireless stereo pairing capability.

These portable speakers are ideal to give to your children, due to the resistant material with which they are made, in addition to having led lights for better underwater lighting.

6. JBL: Mini waterproof speakers in special edition


Mini speakers that play sounds from high quality and wirelessly. You can also use the integrated 0.14-inch audio cable. IPX7 waterproof technology. It has an integrated carabiner.

These mini speakers They stand out for their attractive design in black with orange, in addition to their cutting-edge technology. Your children can play their favorite music at any time of the day.

7. ASIMOM: EX70 portable speaker with wireless stereo

EX70 portable speaker, which features wireless stereo integrated in both speakers. It features 28W HD sound with enhanced bass. Waterproof and dustproof device, in addition to having cold flashing lights.

If you want to give some device Technological for your children, these mini speakers with wireless connectivity represent the best option on the market, not only for their attractive design but also for their optimal audio quality.