The flowers They are an element that has always been used and also never goes out of style for decorate home. Regardless of the style of your decoration, the flowers always fit and are the ideal complement to brighten and bring life to any space. If you suffer from allergy do not worry, below we show you some options in artificial flowers to brighten and fill your home with spring.

1. Bouquet of roses in light tones

It is an elegant, realistic and pure bouquet of roses, made with materials of high quality silk cloth, plastic stem and central wire in the center of the rose. Its vibrant colors give it a real touch and a natural look.

They adapt perfectly to your personal decoration. This beautiful flower arrangement is the ideal complement for your living room or for any room that you want to fill with life and color.

2. Dozen of White Calla Lilies

These delicate coves They are made with high quality fabric and plastic stem. You can fold them or give it the shape you want to put together the bouquet you want. It is made up of a dozen flowers.

Pure and elegantThey are ideal to make the floral arrangements you want or simply place them inside a vase no matter what style you have. They give a classic and delicate touch to the space where you have them.

3. Bouquet of Vintage peonies


Each bouquet is made up of 13 stems, 6 flowers and 2 buds, they are made with 90% silk and 10% plastic. The appearance of peonies is similar to natural flowers, soft and large.

They are ideal to place them in a vase on the table in your living room or they also look great on a corner table or on any space. You just need a vase and voila.

4. Bouquet of 6 units of Gypsophila


The flower buds are soft to the touch and realistic appearance, the stems are made of iron with plastic coating. You can use them to create firmness and angle.

They are a great way to give you fresh touch and delicate to the home space you want, they can easily adapt to any environment no matter what style of decoration you have.

5. Corsage of Lavender plant

They look almost natural if you don’t touch them, they are a great alternative for decorating your home. You can impregnate the stem with lavender oil and in addition to being beautiful, the atmosphere smells delicious.

The purple lavender bud with green stems, gives a fresh touch to your home when you use it as decor in a vase. They are ideal for centerpieces, they even work in a rustic vase for a country house.

6. Bouquet of 3 White Hydrangeas


They are made of silk, the diameter of the flower is around 7.5 inches and the length of the bouquet is approximately 18 inches. Each package contains three corsages of hydrangeas.

The branches and leaves of the bouquet can be assembled and trimmed, you can decide on the shape of the bouquet according to your needs. These silk flowers are delicate and beautiful. They are the perfect central decoration piece.

7. Bouquet of 30 Tulips


Artificial tulip flowers have the appearance of real flowers, they are well made and their colors are vibrant. They are made of high quality PU and very easy to clean.

They are ideal for you to place them in a vase, fill centerpieces or decorate any space in your house. Each package contains 30 units of tulips to brighten up your home.

8. Bouquet of Water Plants


The bouquet of artificial flowers will never wither or it will fall. It looks beautiful, alive, realistic and will always be decorating your home. Each package contains 5 stems and each stem contains 5 flowers.

It is a glamorous and delicate element that you can have in any space at home, its beautiful and cheerful colors they allow you to always have spring in the environment you want to decorate.