The best way to keep dirty clothes in order and control.

One of the essential products that you must have at home to avoid bad smells scattered in the environment is a laundry basket that in turn has a lid, and thus be able to keep those unwanted odors trapped inside. In addition they will also allow you to keep your clothes organized and will make it easier to laundry. For this reason, do not miss the opportunity to acquire one of the models that we present below for less than $ 35.

1. Simple Houseware: Lightweight and durable material


Laundry basket made of cotton material Polypropylene. Light in terms of mobilization, in addition to having a lid and laundry bags for transport. Its measurements are 23 inches long x 13.5 wide x 22.8 high.

Basket lightweight and durable which is essential when mobilizing accumulated clothing. It prevents the bad smell from spreading at home, thanks to the wide lid it has. A product that adapts almost to any type of space.

2. Birdrock Home: Individual and removable lining


Design with polyester linen, long-lasting with lid and removable lining, which contains a laundry bag that makes it easy to transport dirty clothes.

If what you are looking for is a basket of comfortable size and light transportationThis low-cost option fits your shopping ideals, especially since it can hold up to two loads of dirty laundry in one trip.

3. Lamont Home: Wicker basket with vinyl lid


Product made with wicker paper, durable and high quality. Its dimensions are 23.75 ″ high x 11.5 ″ wide x 11.5 ″ deep. In turn, it features a padded vinyl cover with easy-to-handle treated hinges.

Favorable option to store your dirty clothes, in addition to having an attractive wicker design. This basket with vinyl cap It can be placed without problems in any space in your home, thanks to its compact size.

4. Hosroome: Light bamboo material


Made with lightweight bamboo material, which features a waterproof wash storage due to its waterproof coating. It has an attractive natural bamboo frame, also standing out for the multiplicity of its use.

This basket will not only reduce bad odors in your house due to its natural bamboo topYou can also transport it with great ease in different spaces.

5. Greenco: Double compartment with magnetic closure


Basket made with polyester lining that easily resists moisture, featuring a magnet cover for greater comfort in opening and closing. Non-woven, foldable and durable material. In turn, it has eyelet handles on the side for easy transport.

A basket that stands out for the comfort of its magnetic closure. Ideal to accumulate the dirty clothes you have at home, without having to worry about humidity in the environment.

6. Songmics: Spacious and elegant interior


Laundry basket for laundry that can hold up to two loads of standard size. It also has a removable lid that is fixed by a strong magnetic strip.

Design light and durable thought to facilitate greater comfort in transport. It has a spacious interior, elegant and attractive to the eye, in addition to being located without problems in spacious rooms.

7. Sorbus: Strong and foldable basket


Product made with polyester material resistant. It has a lid closure to avoid bad odors and integrated portable mounting handles. The lid is removable and foldable for better operation.

With this folding basket for laundry you will have no problem storing dirty clothes due to its spacious and proportioned interior, covered with moisture-resistant fabric.

8. Nex: Large capacity basket


High-quality non-woven equipment, made of polyester resistant to humid places. Its measurements are 14.5 ″ x 14.5 ″ x 25.5 ″. This product also features a folding lid and a removable lining, easy to remove and transport dirty laundry to the laundry.

If you are looking for a guarantee of good quality at low cost, this option with folding lid It is ideal for transporting the laundry of your dirty clothes, at the same time reducing the presence of bad odors due to the folding cover available for all uses.