The coats They have become essential pieces in every woman’s wardrobe, especially when the winter and low temperatures are present. The problem is that there are an infinity of models on the market made with different materials, textures, cuts and colors that make it difficult for us to choose the most suitable one for the occasion. That is why we prepare a special selection for you that you must use in winter to protect yourself from the cold and to be always in fashion throughout the season.

1. Eleter: Hooded parka

Winter jacket designed with cotton, lambswool and fleece lining that keeps you warm. It has a hooded fleece collar, a front zipper, two side pockets, an adjustable drawstring and rib knit cuffs that they block snow and wind.

Comes with a special and modern designThis makes it perfect to adapt to any look from casual to sport. And it is available in orange, blue, army green and black colors so you can choose the one you like best.

2. Beinia: Fur hooded coat

This fur hooded coat has a waterproof outer fabric and is filled with down. Its weight is approximately 2.6 pounds, which makes it a comfortable piece for you to carry wherever you want. It is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

When temperatures drop, this model becomes the protagonist in our wardrobe because it is Light, fluffy, comfortable and ultra soft. Ideal to use it at all times.

3. Columbia: Jacket with wrap collar

This hooded winter jacket is 33.9 inches in length and comes with a waterproof outer shell with polyester fabric and insulation material. On the outside it has zipper pockets and interior security pockets. It is available in a great variety of colors.

This model has a standard cut It adjusts to your body comfortably and comes with a wrap neck for added protection. It is also a very comfortable and warm option so that you do not suffer the rigors of winter.

4. Orolay: Down padded jacket

It is a hooded jacket that consists of 100 small squares that ensure the down filling, ideal material for the winter because it is wind resistant and it keeps you warm. It is available in five colors and in different sizes.

With its safe long cut, it is the ideal coat for you, especially if you are one of those who think of wearing a elegant piece that you can combine with a basic outfit such as shirts and jeans, which are always the best allies.

5. Wantdo: Foldable hooded jacket

This collapsible hooded jacket has down padding and a water repellent coating. The cuffs come with elastic hem, side zip pockets and inside pockets. It comes in seven different colors for you to choose from.

It is a model made with an innovative and foldable material, ideal for easy portability and protection from the cold. You can carry it in your day to day and thus create a sporty and feminine style.

6. Camel Crown: Sport jacket

It is a sports jacket with light and soft fleece that provides greater comfort when in contact with the skin. It features taped seams, two zippered side pockets, headphone holes on the inside and hook strap cuffs. It is available in three colors.

Comes with a Ergonomic design, Waterproof and breathable that makes it an essential piece in your closet during winter, especially if you like to go hiking, mountaineering, skiing and other outdoor activities.

7. FarJing: Long coat with faux hood

Jacket made with anti static fleece lining, a light material that combines with a waterproof layer that does not wrinkle. It also has a front zipper, side pockets, and you can get it in six different colors for you to choose from.

It is a functional and elegant piece It effectively obstructs the passage of cold, and is that its hood with extra padded synthetic fur protects you from rain, wind and snow, characteristics that make it the best companion for you to spend the winter.

8. PrettyGarden: Fleece coat

It is a fleece lined coat designed with a zipper closure, two side pockets and a collar. Comes with double-sided synthetic fur and a cozy fit elastic hem. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colors.

You can combine it with basic shirts, leggings, jeans, high boots and even dresses, in the same way it offers you a glamorous look and it makes you feel warm during the lowest temperatures of the year.