Surprise your in-laws with a nice gift this holiday season.

Choosing the right gift for each member of the family at Christmas is very delicate, but it is even more so when you have to choose a detail for your inlaws. They are the people you seek to please and please, especially during the holiday season when the family union should reign even more. Therefore we have prepared a list with gifts they will surely like to receive without you having to spend more.

1. Box chocolates with cookies

It is a box of chocolates that contains 12 different flavors with the particular shape of a biscuit sandwich that offers you a completely different experience. Each of these goodies are decorated with nuts on your deck.

They are chocolates that offer a delicious tasting that combines with an elegant appearance wrapper that is perfect to give to parents-in-law on a special occasion such as anniversary or Christmas holidays.

2. Set of scented candles with christmas motifs

It is a set of candles made with natural soy, essential oils and aromas of cinnamon, lavender, apple and balsam fir. Each one comes in a jar decorated with christmas themes.

Its blend of aromas is made to relax and create a warm atmosphere with a particular perfume of up to 30 hours duration. All these characteristics make it a perfect gift for in-laws.

3. Cheeseboard with compartments

It is a cheese board built with a hidden drawer that slides to reveal a set of kitchen utensils stainless steel and a ribbed design that allows the accompaniments to be distributed. Its size is 13 by 13 inches.

This ingenious product will not cause a problem with bacteria or germs since it is built with bamboo material that prevents stains and odors. In addition, it has an elegant and solid design that surely goes well with the decoration of the kitchen of your in-laws.

4. Set of aromatic balls for the bathroom

This set with 6 pieces of bath balls are made with stuffed flowers and essential oils that manage to create a lasting fragrance of mint, orange, lemon, lavender, rose and citronella.

They are recommended products to use during the bath after a day stressfulThey are made to offer relaxation therapy that intensely stimulates the sense of smell. They also nourish the skin and prevent dryness.

5. Massage roller doubles for feet

It is a double roller for foot massage made of wood strong and stable. It is also reinforced with a laminated table that allows it to adapt more comfortably to any type of arch.

This roller has a texture specially designed to provide deep massages that help alleviate pains in the heel, plantar fasciitis and any other ailment that occurs in the feet.

6. Gift set for hand care

It is a gift set for hand care that is made from beeswax, milk and almonds. It also includes a cream for cuticles made of lemon and a repairing cream with shea butter. The package also includes a pair of cotton gloves.

It is an ideal gift to deeply hydrate and repair the skin from your hands, since all products are made from natural ingredients that provide vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that deeply hydrate and repair the skin of the hands.

7. Pillow heated massage

It is a pillow that is made with anti-dust and mesh fabric for greater resistance. It also has an addition of 4 rotating spheres that imitate a hand massage, a car adapter and a function of heating optional.

It is the perfect piece to provide a relaxing massage to the neck, back and other parts of the body that are tense. Its use improves circulation, eliminates stress knots and relieves muscle pains.

8. Electric rotisserie stainless steel

It is a rotisserie with a stainless steel lid that covers a heater that is perched on a turntable with 4 compartments made of resistant materials. The product includes 4 cutlery also made of stainless steel.

It is a professional rotisserie that works without flames, this way you can safely roast marshmallows, cookies or chocolates as the tray rotates. It is a perfect option for family meetings in the garden or to take to the beach.