Do you want to know what they were trending footwear models in 2019? In this guide we show you 8 models that you can get in Amazon and that they are still in fashion.

1. Tennis type socks: WXQ

Sneakers with average design have been very in trend in the last year, since Balenciaga has released the first model. These wxq tennis They have a geometric rubber base and are very flexible, offering everyday comfort in great style.

They are the cheapest footwear model in the guide, with a price that does not exceed $ 30 and they are available in a huge variety of colors in Amazon. The clients mention that these sneakers are quite comfortable, very easy to put on and with a very versatile style.

2. The classic white tennis shoes: Adidas

Sneakers that never go out of style, the Superstar model It has been very popular in 2019 among youth and adults. It is a tennis shoe made of leather with the classic stripes of Adidas in a different color and a high, slightly stiff rubber sole. It was a trend mainly for its versatility and quality.

In Amazon we can find this model at a discount and priced below $ 80. They are available in several different designs and the clients mention that they are sneakers with a good design, and recommend ordering half a size less since they have a large fit.

3. Some more stylish white sneakers: Row

Following the trend of white tennis, the Fila Disruptor model It has been a favorite in 2019 for its original style and comfort. These sneakers are made from a combination of leather and fabric, and have a large rubber base.

We find in Amazon this row model with a current 29% discount and a price less than $ 50. Available in a wide variety of colors, clients value this model positively, mentioning that they are very comfortable and add a lot of style to any look. They recommend asking for half a size more if you have a slightly wide foot.

4. With Texan style: Ariat

In the field of boots, jeans have been very popular for their original style and comfort, Tecovas boots being one of the most popular in recent times. These Ariat boots They are made of leather and suede, with a stitched design. They have a 1.5 ”high heel and a non-slip rubber base.

It is the best rated model on the list, with 4.7 stars on Amazon. You can find this model in various colors and although it is the most expensive on the list, clients highlight its quality construction, great style and comfort.

5. A look comfortable: Skechers

In this shoes by skechers We found a very comfortable and simple model, which was popular for its versatility and ease of use every day. Made of fabric, these shoes have a rubber base and insole that add comfort in the tread. The BOBS model It also has a social impact, since it donates part of its profits to Petco Foundation to save the lives of cats and dogs in shelters.

With more than 6,600 reviews this is the best-selling shoe model from this list. In Amazon, the clients value this model positively and comment that they are very comfortable shoes, even for people with wide feet, and very versatile for day to day.

6. For the beach or the city: Adidas

Although it is a very simple model, these Adidas rubber sandals They have been very fashionable for their comfort and ease of putting them on. People choose them for the beach, the pool or to go out in the summer and they have a padded base to add comfort to your feet.

This model has a current discount of 16% on Amazon, priced below $ 30. They are highly valued by clients, who mention that they are very comfortable, quality sandals and perfect to wear anywhere.

7. A versatile heel: Sam Edelman

These type shoes mules They have been very popular throughout 2019. They are very easy to put on and versatile shoes, which you can use to work or go out. East sam edelman model it is made of synthetic suede and they have a 3 ”high heel approximately.

Available in 6 color optionsThese Sam Edelman shoes are generally highly valued by female clients. In Amazon They mention that they are quality heels and comfortable, although they need time to soften them.

8. Easy to put on shoes: Rohb

A similar design, but without a heel. These shoes mule They were very fashionable as a stylish alternative and comfortable to wear every day. East rohb model it is made of synthetic leather, with a 0.75 ”high heel.

You can find this model in various colors and designs, priced less than $ 40. In Amazon They are highly valued by clients, who highlight the ease of putting them on, their versatility and comfort.