The most stylish sneakers, at an affordable price.

If you are looking for sneakers that combine trend with quality, then the New Balance brand is for you. With a large number of models and colors, you can find the sneakers that best suit your personal style, with a very affordable price.

1. New Balance 608 V5

In a simple and modern style, these New Balance sneakers They offer comfort for your daily activities or for your training. They have a non-slip rubber sole, which provides heel support and flexibility, making it a very comfortable shoe.

Leather and with a price $ 52.46 for your 25% discount, these New Balance They are available in different color combinations. Is a cheap and well valued tennissince clients in Amazon They emphasize its comfort by its padded and curved insole.

2. New Balance Mx623 V3

Made of synthetic suede leather and rubber sole, these New Balance They are ideal to train or use every day. It offers wide sizes, for greater comfort in this type of foot. This model is also available in different color combinations.

Currently with a 48% discount, it is the cheaper New Balance model from the list, with a price of $ 38.81. Furthermore, they are the best selling sneakers and have a positive rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon. Customers highlight its comfort and great style, being versatile sneakers.

3. New Balance Cruz V2

With a very original design and available in various colors, these New Balance They offer comfort and style, specially designed for running. They are made of leather and fabric, with a rubber sole and an internal foam insole to give comfort to the foot. They are light, very aesthetic and easy to put on and take off.

It currently has a 41% discount, and a final price of $ 49.99. Due to its low value, great design and comfort, it is a model with a very good relation cost quality. Customers claim that it brings a lot of comfort thanks to its insole, but some found problems with the durability of the fabric.

4. New Balance 481 V3

These are tennis to run, made of leather and fabric, with rubber soles. In its internal staff, it has technology Cush + It offers a padded foam support, to use the tennis shoes in comfort all day. They are available in wide sizes and 3 color varieties.

These sneakers have a very trendy design Currently, it will allow you to do sports in style or combine with your looks daily. With a price of $ 61.38 and a current discount of 16%, these sneakers are well valued in Amazon, with 4.1 stars. Customers say it is a very comfortable model, with good ventilation thanks to its fabric.

5. New Balance MW577

They are walking tennis, with a very modern monochrome design. Available in black or white, these New Balance will add style to any look. They are made in the United States and are made of leather, with a rubber sole. They have a cushioned insole that provides support for comfortable walking.

With a price of $ 69.95 and a discount of 13%, these sneakers are ideal for walking or wearing on a daily basis. It is available in wide or extra-wide sizes, to fit each foot.

6. New Balance 520 V5

For runningThese sneakers are made of fabric with a rubber sole. They offer a great design in various colors, but a fine template without so much support. Due to their fabric they are breathable tennis shoes, ideal for hot climates or sports.

This model of New Balance it is The best reviews of the guide, with 4.6 stars in Amazon. Have a price of $ 58.11 with an 11% discount. Customers highlight its comfort, low weight and modern style.

7. New Balance Arishi V2

Made of fabric and rubber soles, these tennis shoes are ideal for running since they have foam insoles with technology NB Response 1.0 Performance Of the brand. They are lightweight and breathable, thanks to their mesh fabric construction.

With a price of $ 49.99 and your 29% discount, you are New Balance They offer good value for money if you are looking for running shoes or just to wear comfortably during the day. They are highly rated by customers, with 4.3 stars in Amazon.

8. New Balance Coast V4

With a modern design and available in many colors, these sneakers New Balance They’re ideal to play sports or run, for its fabric construction and rubber sole. They are lightweight and highly elastic fabric, to comfortably fit your foot while you exercise.

For their 32% discount, these sneakers have a price of $ 44.95, being one of the cheapest models in the guide. According to customers in Amazon, they are tennis with very good performance in sports and with a very modern aesthetic.