Customize your wedding cake easily and inexpensively.

The wedding It is one of the most important events in the life of any couple, since it is a celebration and ceremony in which they seal their commitment to be together for life. However, it is no secret to anyone that high price that these parties have, since there are so many details and elements to take care of, that it is very common to exceed our initial budget. That is why we must always look for ways to save money, without compromising the quality or enjoyment of the entire celebration. The wedding cake It is a traditional element that cannot be missed, but its decoration is usually one of the highest costs. So so you can save a little and still have a dream wedding cake, here are some options decorative for cake that will make it stand out in a simple way and without spending a lot of money.

Topper gold with diamonds

This topper is made of resistant metal and is decorated with many diamonds to give it a luxury look. It shows the image of a newly married couple with a heart that says “Mr. & Mrs.”. It is very durable, so you can keep it as a souvenir of your special day.

2. Partner of girlfriend and boyfriend

This traditional decoration includes a couple with their wedding suits holding hands. They are approximately 5 inches tall and made from non-toxic plastic. You can place them both on top and at the base of the cake.

3. Flowers in shades of purple and lavender

If you want a more delicate and modern concept, this set of decorative flowers is perfect to spread throughout the cake and achieve a colorful, elegant and original look. There is a wide range of flowers available, so you can customize it to your liking.

4. Topper’s wedding rings

This topper has two bases on the bottom that you can nail into the cake to fix it in place. It has a delicate design of shiny wedding rings that will stand out on the candy table but without being too flashy or exaggerated.

5. Custom topper with names and date

The custom topper is made in mirror acrylic and laser cut for maximum precision. It is designed so that it includes the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date between two olive branches, giving it a classic style with a touch of modernity.

6. Wooden topper personalized

If you are going to have one country or rustic weddingThis laser cut wooden topper is a very good choice. You can customize the last name and the wedding date, so it will not only decorate the cake, but also serves as a wedding souvenir.

7. Minimalist topper from Mr. & Mrs.

Designed on a wooden base and covered with gold glitter, this minimalist style topper It is perfect for decorating a classic or elegant cake. It’s laser cut for a clean, perfect finish, and its components are non-toxic, so you can place it on the cake with confidence.

8. Topper’s silver hearts with diamonds

This decorative cake design measures approximately 4 inches and shows two raised hearts with brilliants to their fullest extent. Is a simple and elegant decoration for your wedding, especially if it has a bright and classic theme.

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