You will have a shiny house without much effort.

The cleaning Your home should not become a heavy and expensive task. You can implement cleaning routines and products that help you maintain all the environments in your House spotless and no need to spend a fortune. Here we present some options in powerful and efficient products, which will be of great help to clean your house faster and without spending a lot of money.

1. Surface cleaner Cif Cream


Is a cleanser 100% removes dirt and helps you tackle the toughest cleaning jobs in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and anywhere in your home.

It has a nice citrus scent lemon to refresh the whole environment. It is a premium cleaner that becomes the number 1 tool to clean all surfaces in the house.

2. O-Cedar: Cleaning kit for the floor


The exclusive design It has a built-in drainer that allows hands-free twisting. The deep cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs dirt, even if it is one of the most difficult.

Includes a pedal high quality Designed to activate twisting, allowing you to control the humidity level. It features a splash guard to keep everything inside the container.

3. Cleaning Sponge Double Action

It’s a sponge double actionMulti-purpose and durable, ideal for dishwashing, kitchen and bathroom. The different scrubbing levels on two sides are designed for various surfaces.

You can use them to remove dirt lasts, oil and grease easily, you should rinse them before and after using.

4. Green & Clean: Multipurpose wipes


Eliminate grease and dirt leaving no residue nor strong odors. They are easy to use and effective with powerful cleaning performance. Each package conveniently contains 75 wet wipes.

They are safe to use in the kitchen and bathroom, on the desk, furniture, toys and any surface in your home. Multipurpose wipes are one comfortable choice and simple for cleaning.

5. Clorox: System Disposable Toilet Cleaning

These sponges deep clean And they remove stains while removing germs to make your toilet feel like new. They kill 99% of bacteria and viruses.

The recharge heads easy to use you can easily remove them and throw them in the trash. These sponges eliminate the need to store a dirty, germ-filled toilet brush.

6. Silicone Sponge Antibacterial

You can use them to multiple tasks such as cleaning dishes, pans, pots, glassware, windows, floors, cars, and more. They do not retain moisture, therefore they do not accumulate bacteria.

East silicone scrubber It can last several months compared to a typical sponge, you will be saving money and time. You will clean more effectively and for much longer.

7. Soft Scrub: Cleaner with Bleach


It is a cleaner and bleach that helps you eliminate 99.9% of germs in your home. It is formulated to give you a immediate cleaning action and purification of the spaces where you use it.

his surrender packaging allows you to feel the cleanliness and freshness renewed in your home. You will be safe saving time and money when facing the tasks of leaving your home impeccable.

8. Swiffer: Disposable duster

It is designed solely for catch and block the dust, even in the small spaces of your home. Specially coated fibers adhere to dust and do not loosen.

You can use them on multiple surfaces, excellent for dusting electronic products, dust furniture, home decorations, blinds, ceiling fans and more.