You don’t have to spend too much to look elegant and sophisticated.

Many times we prefer to reject an invitation to an elegant place because we think that we will have to overspend on our outfit. However, this is not always true, since there is a wide variety of models on the market elegant, feminine and sophisticated dresses which are much more cheap than you could imagine. Take a look at the following models of plus size dresses and choose your favorite for your next elegant date:

1. TOTOD: floral dress with transparencies

TOTOD has a black V-neck dress made in polyester. Hand washable and cold washable. Available from size XL to 5XL.

The flowery dress gives you a elegant style, it is ideal for summer and for its transparencies you will look sexy without highlighting too much. In addition, the black color will add class and make you look slimmer.

2. VIGVOG: vintage polka dot dress

VIGVOG has a polka dot dress made in gauze, a material that is comfortable and light. It has a side zipper so it is easy to put on and take off.

Its design of mesh inserts and colorblock give you a slimming effect it will give you a feeling of security. Suitable for you to wear it at work, party, dance, weekend or cocktail.

3. Leewos: florar dress with leg opening

Leewos wears a floral dress made of polyester and with a floral print design. Available in other colors and from size L to XL. Hand washable and cold washable.

The dress features a casual style ideal for summer. Its high waist with its respective bow creates a curvy silhouette attracting attention to that area and thus concealing the extra kilos.

4. Shele: maxi nightgown

Shele has a dress made in soft material, elastic and medium weight, so it can be easily dressed. The washing can be done by machine, but it must be soft and cold. Available in other colors.

Although it has a casual style, when combined with the appropriate accessories and shoes you can turn it into a elegant look in seconds. Ideal for a day or outdoor date.

5. Milumia: floral dress with waist adjustment

Milumia has a V-neck floral dress made in 100% rayon which is machine washable and cold washable. Keep in mind that the material will shrink a little the first time you wash it. Available in other colors.

The floral dress features a elegant and sophisticated style which is appropriate for you to wear at parties, dances, cocktails, clubs, graduations or business meetings.

6. VIVOSKY: maxi dress with floral print

VIVOSKY has an extra long dress made in 95% polyester and 5% machine washable spandex available in other colors.

The floral dress is versatile style, so you can use it for a variety of occasions, from informal to formal.

7. Milumia: dress with transparencies and glitters

Milumia has a black dress made in 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Washing should be done by hand with cold water. It features sheer sleeves decorated with shiny lace and a ruffled leg opening.

The V-neck dress has a elegant style And it will be appropriate for formal day or night events, and during any season of the year.

8. ESPRLIA: sequined short dress and tulle skirt

ESPRLIA has a dress made in 100% polyester with sequin embroidery and cap sleeves. Available in other colors.

This elegant dress fits custom of your curves, making it ideal for use at parties, cocktail parties and elegant dinners.