A comfortable, practical and versatile shoe to wear every day.

Although shoes Heeled shoes can be our best allies, we all know that they are not suitable to wear on any occasion, especially if you have to spend hours on your feet or walk long distances. So in our closet can’t miss a couple of flats, and it is that it is a super comfortable, elegant and versatile shoe that you can complement with any garment. Best of all, there are endless styles to choose from, like these 9 options that will make you feel comfortable and stylish.

1. Bella Marie: Fine toe flats

Ballerina flats made with synthetic leather on the upper part and a flat non-slip rubber sole. They have a pointed design that gives it a touch simple but elegant so you can take it with you to work or some casual outing, since you can combine them with pants, jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses.

2. MVE: Scottish print flats

If you are a happy woman who likes combinations of tones and textures, these flats are undoubtedly perfect for you. They come in a mix of colored squares to match a pointed design and non-slip sole. But the best thing is that they fit comfortably on the feet and go well for you to wear with your daily outfit.

3. Guilty Shoes: Animal Print Flats

The animal print is a very fashionable trend, which could not miss even these flats designed synthetic leather, padded insole and with a 0.25 high heel. It is a shoe that allows you endless combinations to achieve a elegant or casual look, without ever worrying about your tired feet.

4. Ollio: Pleated flats

You can get these flats in a color that matches most of your clothes, so you can wear them whenever you want. They come with a pleated design with synthetic material, flat toe and rubber sole with a height of 0.4 inches. In addition, it has a Cushioned insole that comfortably adjusts to the foot.

5. Mila Lady: Pointed patent leather flats

Pointed patent leather flats, with non-slip sole and cushioned insole, made with an internal anti-breathable lining that keeps feet dry and comfortable for the whole day. There is no doubt that they are one of our best allies to make our look look perfect, since they will not only serve you to wear on casual occasions, but also at formal events; the important thing is that you know how to combine them.

6. Ollio: Lace flats

Flats made with synthetic lace, rubber sole, 0.3 inch high flat heel with leather padded insole, features that give the foot a relaxed fit to avoid discomfort. Also, I came with a soft and breathable decorative lace that you can combine with any outfit of your preference so that you add a touch of style to your look.

7. Twisted: Suede flats

These flats type ballerinas come with a suede material cover and elastic straps from the base to the ankle, to this is added a rubber sole with a cushioned insole that offer support and cushioning so you can wear them for long hours without causing discomfort while walking.

8. Dream Pairs: Flats with ankle strap

It is a comfortable and stylish shoe that comes with ankle strap, 1 inch rubber sole and padded with latex pad. You can get this model in various colors, which helps you to complement your look easily according to the occasion that warrants it.

9. Aukusor: Extra padded flats

Round toe flats made with faux fur lining, extra padding with foam insole and 0.1-inch non-slip rubber sole. They are perfect if you have wide feet, since they adapt comfortably and reduces fatigue; not forgetting its classic design and its different colors that go well in any season of the year.